42 years of age, stage 4 cancer


42 years of age, stage 4 cancer But we centered on

10 days ago I had been identified as having stage 4 cancer of the colon. It’s metastasized within my liver and lung area. As an additional benefit my doctors have indicated I’ve got a completely separate, unrelated, unexpainable kidney cancer. The way they know they’re unrelated, I can not say. But they’re pretty damn proficient at the things they’re doing. If you do not mind, I must tell my story. I began with signs and symptoms about last year. Only the usual such things as bloodstream within my stool occasionally, some internal and back discomfort that may are just muscle discomfort, etc. I’d possess the signs and symptoms for one or two weeks, they would disappear. I’m a guy, then when the signs and symptoms disappeared following a couple of days, I’d return to ignoring them. In This summer, I’d a scheduled physical where I pointed out a couple of items to my physician, including my bleeding, a place on my small brow, and a few other activities. We centered on the place on my small brow, which switched to be Basal Cell cancer, which many doctors will explain is not really cancer. But we centered on that because when my physician stated "you’re 42 years of age, don’t have any good reputation for cancer inside your family, you’re youthful, strong and healthy. You’re SO unlikely to possess cancer."

In November my spouse were built with a not-uncommon surgery that went bad and she or he spent five days within the ICU. My signs and symptoms came back having a vengence. Bleeding, bad discomfort, etc. I really thought it may be kidney disease. So as we experienced my wife squared away and healthy I made the decision we actually required to address this and so i returned to my physician. We agreed, let us perform a colonoscopy and rule that out. Essentially I had been diagnosed on April fourth with cancer of the colon. At that time they think it is localized within my colon. Not much later I met having a medical oncologit from Dana Farber who provided 1 hour 30 minutes of not so good news. Within 24 hours I additionally met having a surgical oncologist who provided 1 hour 30 minutes of not so good news, adopted by 6 minutes of excellent news. That 6 minutes avoided me from being suicidal.

The following day we did a CT scan. Under forty-five minutes after departing from my CT scan my physician was on the telephone saying that each factor they wished not to see these were seeing, also it had gone to live in my liver and lung area. A Dog scan the very next day revealed an enormous tumor around the kidney opposite my liver, although my physician anxiously waited per week to inform me this while he could tell I had been already inside a pretty fragile condition. A liver biopsy confirmed cancer. There wasn’t any have to biopsy the lung area. I’ve within my existence frequently felt like some underachiever. The normal ‘unrealized potential’ – an excellent intelligence, undergraduate and masters levels, good although not awesome earnings. Well, ends up that so far as cancer patients go, I ROCK!! Seriously, that’s cancer in 4 major organs!! Discuss an achievement.

So quick toward today. I’ve been through 4 models of chemotherapy in the last 2 several weeks. My body system has handled it shockingly well. I don’t obtain the debilitating nausea, that I’m grateful. I actually do acquire some neuropathy although not bad. Mostly I’ve got a hyper-sensitivity to cold, where basically drink something cold it seems like I’m swallowing shards of glass. It’s unfortunate, but we’ve not were built with a Boston heat wave yet so it’s all relatively manageable, and that i have managed. My treatment team at Dana Farber are perfect and probably the most compassionate people I’ve met within my existence. I look great. Personally i think good. People would not reckon that I’ve cancer. Hell, I should not HAVE cancer. I’m working around 10-12 hrs each day. Why shall we be held posting on KOS?

Now I’d a brand new CT scan, PET scan and MRI. I talk with my physician on Friday. At this pint we’ll review the next thing of treatment. I know what’s going to be recommended, because it was the program after we switched from the localized concentrate on my colon to some global concentrate on colon/liver/lung area/kidney. He may wish to do colon surgery. He may wish to remove about 60% of my liver (12 of 14 liver tumors take presctiption one lobe). He may wish to remove my kidney. I’m getting a very difficult time getting my mind around the thought of surgery of the magnitude and I don’t know why. Could it be because my spouse lounging in ICU is simply too fresh i believe? Because we went from to 150 m.p.h overnight with my treatment and i’m attempting to get back control button? Could it be simply because I’m scared shitless and really should be honest? I’m not sure.

I know this. I’ve got a couple of people I genuinely don’t like, but I wouldn’t wish this in it. However I also feel it unfortunate that 99% of individuals won’t ever have the love and support I’ve felt within the last 2 several weeks. It’s originate from everywhere. It’s truly overwhelming and humbling.

I’m not particularly religeous, however i think I’ve a couple of million people praying for me personally presently, so if you’re inclined don’t hesitate to add me to your ideas and hopes. I’m not searching for financial contributions, although my work situation and finances have me as scared because the cancer does. However, if you purchase IT, like storage software and hardware, data protection, such things as that, it is always good when we could talk. I’ll accept regions of potential business, versus handouts. We’ve been requested about getting a fundraising event, but my spouse states it’s inappropriate to possess a fundraising event on your own. But when I’m able to earn your company I’d love the possibility.

I believe mostly I’m searching for somewhere to place my ideas and concerns. Maybe acquire some feedback. I’m youthful and healthy. Will I jump into surgery confidently? I am certain people on listed here are existing with no kidney, with 1/2 a liver awaiting it to regenerate. I am certain people here have worked with way worse than I’m coping with. I’m just searching for many feedback, even though I have not written a diary, and i’m not even close to any kind of decent contributer for this community, still it seems like MY community, along with a place I’m able to ask this stuff.

Any feedback could be very welcome. When I stated, this really is my first diary, therefore if I did not do things right, I’m sorry. I’ll blame the chemotherapy-brain. It is indeed my only excuse and i’m running by using it.

Appreciate your time and effort. Harry.

Thu Jun 14, 2012 at 6:51 AM PT: I’m overwhelmed. Not as this continues to be around the rec list since yesterday, but since several individuals this community, none who know myself, are spending some time to see, and also to write thoughtful, thorough replies filled with insight, information, encounters. I would like to react to everybody, but my job really cuts into my day! I’ll react to as much as I’m able to though. Thanks again to everybody. You need to all realize precisely how awesome all of you are.

Comes to an end Jun 15, 2012 at 7:45 PM PT: Friday Update!!! Great News!! So we met with my oncologist today. The person is definitely promptly. Today he was half an hour late. He did the typical exam, poking here, pushing there, cause me to feel breathe deeply and slowly, etc. Another fifteen minutes. So forty-five minutes of anxious waiting and that he states…

Well, you’ve had a outstanding reaction to the chemotherapy. We’re able to not have access to anticipated results this good. We’re beyond happy. The tumor within my colon has reduced by a couple ofOr3. The 14 spots on my small liver aren’t detectable around the PET scan. The spots on my small lung area remain, making him think they aren’t cancerous!

My kidney cancer might have grown a little, but that’s not unpredicted, since the chemotherapy I had been on wasn’t targetting the kidney whatsoever.

Therefore we is going to do another round of chemotherapy on Monday, i then will come across using the surgical oncologist as he returns from vacation. I’m still searching at colon surgery and kidney removal, likely a few days of This summer 11. 5-ten days within the hospital, per month of recovery, plus they still wish to accomplish liver surgery at this time. The physician continues to be saying that we’re getting and removing All the cancer so we are only able to make that happen via surgery.

However it appears like this surgery might be less daunting now of computer looked 10 days ago!

Multiple people had indicated they wanted an update. I’m able to Have the positive energy and love out of this crazy community. I made my spouse read all of your comments. I believe she’s beginning to obtain the whole KOS factor.

Thanks to Everyone who offered warm words, support and hopes. I still possess a lengthy road in front of me, however it a minimum of appears like a few of the BIG potholes happen to be completed, and individuals which are left are less inclined to swallow me whole.

Thanks again. Harry

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