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We hear misconceptions about cancer of the colon every single day. One of these is the fact that women don&rsquot want to get colonoscopies.

That&rsquos not the case, so we have real-existence proof. Our most memorable patients would be a lady in her own 30s. She labored in marketing and it was practicing a marathon when she observed some bloodstream in her own stool. She didn&rsquot think a great deal about this, however a month later she did the best factor and also got a colonoscopy.

Within days, she was identified as having stage 4 cancer of the colon. Her existence was switched upside lower. Utilizing a common surgical treatment, we removed cancer from her colon and a part of her liver. It&rsquos been nearly five years now, and she or he&rsquos doing great.

Like a medical community, there exists a lengthy approach to take in educating people and correcting misconceptions about cancer of the colon. Here are the most typical myths we&rsquove heard:

Myth: Basically have cancer of the colon, I&rsquom have to extensive treatment more than a lengthy time period.

Fact: Getting any type of cancer diagnosis is frightening, but most patients identified as having cancer of the colon possess a solvable problem. Many colon cancers may be treatable having a relatively common surgical treatment that’s performed utilizing an cut no bigger than 3 inches.

Myth: More often than not, when you’re identified as having cancer of the colon, it’s already distributing with other parts of the body.

Fact: This may not be true. Nearly all patients identified as having cancer of the colon may be treatable be going onto live normal lives. The sooner we find out the lesion, the not as likely the tumor may have spread with other parts of the body. When a cancer is diagnosed, cancer experts will work some simple tests to define when the tumor has spread and see the following treatment steps.

Myth: If my cancer of the colon has spread, I most likely won&rsquot live very lengthy. My cancer should never be cured.

Fact: More treatments can be found than in the past. Cancer of the colon is exclusive in we have the various tools to recognize it in an initial phase. Chemotherapy treatments have improved with time. There are other treatments now once the cancer reaches a far more advanced stage, too. Within the 1990s, the general survival rates for stage 4 cancer of the colon was around six to eight several weeks. Now it&rsquos near to 30 several weeks.

Myth: Colonoscopies are the only method to identify cancer of the colon.

Fact: Although a colonoscopy is easily the most accurate screening way of cancer of the colon, there are more approved techniques that can identify cancer or cancerous polyps. Cancer of the colon frequently leads to bloodstream loss, so one alternative is known as a fecal immunochemical test (FIT). The individual can perform the exam in your own home by collecting excrement sample and delivering it to some lab. It doesn&rsquot take very lengthy to obtain the outcomes of the exam.

Another approved test may be the computer tomographic (CT) colonography, also known as a &ldquovirtual colonoscopy.&rdquo By using this technology, a physician will get a picture from the colon and may identify tumors or polyps.

Myth: Since I&rsquom a lady, I don&rsquot require a colonoscopy.

Fact: See our example above. Anybody over age 50 – man or woman – is deserving of a colonoscopy every ten years. For those who have were built with a close relative identified as having cancer of the colon, you need to speak to your physician about getting colonoscopies earlier in existence.

Myth: I don&rsquot require a colonoscopy since i&rsquom not getting any signs and symptoms.

Fact: So many people are identified as having cancer of the colon when they’re feeling all right. People don&rsquot think they are able to have cancer of the colon when they feel OK, however they most definitely can. Should you&rsquore 50 plus and postponing a colonoscopy since you don&rsquot have signs and symptoms, you&rsquore defeating the objective of the colonoscopy.

Myth: Obtaining a colonoscopy is a horrible experience, also it most likely won&rsquot find anything anyway.

Fact: Our people are usually very relieved following a colonoscopy. The majority are cancer-free and don&rsquot need to bother about cancer of the colon for the following ten years.

The process takes about half an hour. Because of the sedation, most sufferers don&rsquot even remember it. Even though the sedation means someone needs to drive you home, you likely won&rsquot need to take greater than a break from work.

The part that generates probably the most complaints from patients is the procedure yesterday the colonoscopy. The individual needs to drink an item for colon cleansing, which leads to several bowel motions. Following the procedure, patients may feel additional gas or perhaps a bloated feeling a couple of days.

Myth: I&rsquom over the age of 50, but my loved ones physician didn&rsquot say I ought to obtain a colonoscopy, and so i mustn’t need one.

Fact: This is among the most typical reasons people give once they haven&rsquot were built with a colonoscopy but should. They expect their loved ones physician to keep in mind. Instead of consider it this way, we advise being positive. Seize control of the health insurance and inquire.

Cancer of the colon is avoidable, treatable, and beatable. It&rsquos vital that you become knowledgeable, particularly if you&rsquore 50 plus. For additional questions, request a scheduled appointment online or call our Cancer Answer Line at 214-736-9022.

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