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Federal regulators on Thursday cautioned that two hepatitis C medications from drug maker AbbVie may cause "serious liver injuries" in patients with advanced types of the condition.

The Fda stated it’d received numerous reports of patients who either died or needed to undergo liver transplantation after finding the treatments, known as Viekira Pak and Technivie. The company stated it’d identified at least 26 such cases likely associated with the drugs since late 2014, which additional cases likely exist. The liver damage usually required place within four days of the beginning of treatment, and also the patients involved already had cirrhosis from the liver, the agency said.

The Food and drug administration stated Thursday it may need AbbVie to include new warnings towards the safety labels from the drugs for patients who curently have advanced liver disease associated with hepatitis C. In addition, the company advised doctors to carefully monitor patients using the drugs for symptoms of worsening liver disease. Additionally, it stated patients should speak to a medical expert immediately when they develop fatigue, appetite loss, vomiting and nausea, jaundice or any other indications of liver injuries.

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AbbVie’s stock cost fell greater than 10 % Thursday within the wake from the announcement.

"Patient safety factors are from the utmost concern to AbbVie," the organization stated inside a statement emailed towards the Publish, adding that it’s updating the labeling of their drugs to mirror the FDA’s concerns. But the organization also stated that "most sufferers using these severe outcomes had proof of advanced cirrhosis just before initiating therapy."

Viekira Pak won approval last December, and Technivie hit the industry this summer time. They’re among a number of new treating hepatitis C which have acquired attention not just for his or her effectiveness, but in addition for their high cost tags. Two competing drugs made by Gilead Sciences — Sovaldi and Harvoni — curently have reaped billions in sales.

With each other, the drugs have won praise for his or her capability to basically cure the contagious liver disease. But insurers have balked in their cost, which could exceed $80,000 for every patient. Based on the Cdc and Prevention, nearly 3 million Americans possess the hepatitis C virus, which if not treated can result in lengthy-term health issues, for example liver damage, liver failure, liver cancer or dying. Roughly 15,000 people die every year in the disease within the U . s . States.

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