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Cancer Of The Lung
  • My 68-year-old husband was identified as having cancer of the lung in 2004, had radiation and chemotherapy, and it is presently in remission. Since ending his treatment, his personality has altered drastically and that he directs his anger towards me. Can chemotherapy affect an individual psychologically?
  • My hubby just been identified as having small cell cancer of the lung with small tumors in the liver. He starts chemotherapy in a few days with 4 hrs, first day and a pair of hrs, day 2 and three. He repeats this every 18 days for six sessions. Is that this the standard strategy to small cell cancer of the lung? Where would I turn to learn more on numerous studies?
  • How do i breathe having a lung following the pneumonectomy? Can there be anything I ought to do?
  • My sister has stage 4 non-small cell cancer of the lung in addition to tumors in her own liver. Exist two different chemotherapy treatments for the lung and also the liver or could they be treated with similar drugs?
  • My favorite friend’s husband just began chemotherapy for cancer of the lung but will not stop smoking. This really is driving an enormous wedge between the pair of them. Does smoking impact the potency of the chemotherapy?
  • I’ve stage 4 non-small cell cancer of the lung and today am receiving Tarceva. I am attempting to prepare for future years by exploring hospice and wish support in my husband. What happens type of discomfort I would expect?
  • I had been identified as having non-small cell cancer of the lung and am receiving chemotherapy. I have had two common colds inside a three-week period in addition to a low-level of hemoglobin within my bloodstream (the physician has suggested erythropoietin treatments). Could these problems be diet related?
  • I had been identified as having stage IB non-small cell cancer of the lung. I’d surgery (lobe resection) and my physician offered me a referral for an oncologist for "adjuvant treatment," meaning chemotherapy. Why should i do that?
  • My spouse was identified as having stage IV non-small cell cancer of the lung (NSCLC) so we have medical health insurance. Certainly one of her chemotherapy drugs is extremely costly and insurance only pays $1000 per chemotherapy treatment. She’s 63 and doesn’t be eligible for a Medicare. We’re searching at co-payment debt well over $100,000. Any suggestions?
  • I am in remission after getting chemotherapy and radiation for small cell cancer of the lung. I have lately began getting a difficulty breathing when I am resting (does not appear to occur at the office). Can there be anything I’m able to do?
  • My hubby continues to be identified as having Stage IIIA non-small cell cancer of the lung which had spread towards the mediastinal nodes. I’ve heard the five-year rate of survival for this kind of cancer is 15% or roughly 2 yrs. Is that this correct?
  • A buddy and co-worker only agreed to be identified as having cancer of the lung and it is inoperable. As uncle and boss, how do i best help? What don’t let get ready for?
  • My hubby has lately been identified as having stage 4 small cell cancer of the lung and can’t work. How can we pay our bills? I still work, however i don’t make enough money. Any advice could be appreciated.
  • My mother has already established colon and cancer of the breast. She now faces a nodule in her own lower right lung. Doctors express it is certainly cancer, but aren’t sure what kind (cancer of the lung or metastasis from the colon or breast). Is really a lung biopsy the only method to discover what type of cancer it’s?
  • How do you get compassionate care in numerous studies when there’s nothing left when it comes to cancer of the lung treatments?


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