Dietary guidelines for chemotherapy


Dietary guidelines for chemotherapy eat small, bland

Diet during the day of Chemotherapy

Eat gently in your chemotherapy day. Eat small portions, gradually. Avoid fatty, greasy or spicy foods. Before you depart for the treatment, eat light bland foods.

Types of healthy choices are:

  • Fruit and cottage type cheese
  • Cereal and milk
  • Fruit yogurt
  • Poached egg and toast
  • Ramen noodles
  • Chicken grain soup and ½ poultry sandwich
  • During Chemotherapy Itself

    If you think okay, eat small, bland, light meals like individuals above, and have crackers and occasional acidity juices (apple, grape or fruit nectars). You may enjoy hard chocolate like lemon drops or mints to assist with uncomfortable tastes. Should you not seem like eating during chemotherapy, it’s not necessary to.

    Diet for Roughly 2-three days after Chemotherapy

    • Drink small quantities of fluid frequently. Drink a minimum of 10 cups each day to avoid lack of fluids and also to take away the by-products of chemotherapy.
    • Drink a number of fluids. Don’t drink only water. Include any fruit juice, grape/white-colored grape juice, fruit nectars, obvious soups, soda, Gatorade, Power Burst, Popsicles and sherbet, etc.  Water gives fluid soups give salt (sodium) juices give potassium, along with other drinks and watery foods give calories. Acidity juices like orange juice could be irritating for your already sensitive stomach. Orange flavored drinks are fine.
    • Eat small meals and eat frequently during the day instead of 3 large meals. Take only sips of fluid with meals. Consuming considerable amounts of fluid with meals could cause feelings of fullness and bloating. If you think full, you very well may not consume the calories you’ll need.
    • Eat lower fat, bland foods. Greasy and spicy foods can bother the stomach and cause nausea.
    • Eat awesome foods which have little aroma or odor. Hot foods frequently have more powerful odors.
    • Rest after consuming. If you have troubles with nausea or acid reflux, don’t lie flat after consuming.  Relax inside a reclined position together with your mind up. Concentrate on deep, natural breathing and put on loose clothing.
    • Take anti-nausea medications as suggested from your physician. If you think nauseated, don’t wait to consider your medication. Go immediately.
    • NOTE:  Take it easy should you not seem like eating food. It’s most significant to consider fluids.  Drink small quantities of beverages every 15-twenty minutes as tolerated. Do not eat your preferred foods for that first couple of days after chemotherapy to prevent a lasting dislike of those foods because of potential chemotherapy related vomiting and nausea.
    • Don’t think that the reason for a chapter of nausea was brought on by the meals you ate most lately. You might eliminate food out of your diet that’s nutritious and simple to digest since you think it caused the nausea. The nausea is because the therapy you will get.
    • Fluid Guidlines

      Vary kinds of fluids that you simply drink as suggested for the table below. Don’t drink diet beverages if you haven’t had the ability to eat any solid food.

      Even if you’re diabetic, you have to consume calories and water.


      Miso Soup

      Chicken Grain Soup

      Chicken Noodle Soup








      Apricot Nectar

      Peach Nectar

      Any Fruit Juice

      Grape Juice


      Homemade Sports Drink/Gatorade

      1 QUART Kool Aid + ½ teaspoon salt + ¼ teaspoon salt substitute + a couple of drops of fresh lemon juice to taste. When the taste is simply too strong, increase the Kool Aid.

      Sample Menu

      • Breakfast: Any fruit juice, toast and jelly, poached egg, tea
      • Snack: Graham crackers, grape juice
      • Lunch: Broth, poultry sandwich with light mayonnaise, sherbet, tea
      • Snack: Ginger root ale, crackers
      • Dinner: Chicken grain soup, Jell-o
      • Snack: Pop-sicle, watermelon
      • During the day

        Nutritious fluids like juice, nectar, soda, ginger root ale, instant breakfast, punch, Gatorade.


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