Forget “save the tatas!”


October was Cancer Of The Breast Awareness Month. Pink ribbons were sported on shirts and “think pink” sporting occasions were held just about every day. Many vehicle decals and t-shirts supporting cancer of the breast research might be seen wherever you went. Two of the largest campaigns around frequently make use of the slogans, “Save the Tatas,” and “Save Second Base!” Although I believe “Save Second Base” is really a cute slogan for baseball games supporting cancer of the breast research, my more sensitive side can’t help but believe that these slogans are actually inappropriate.

Beating cancer is what should be focused on, not losing a breast. Graphic from M LiveBeating cancer is exactly what ought to be centered on, not losing a breast. Graphic from M Live

Personally i think like “Save the Tatas” is viewed on more cars than any ribbons supporting a relative or saying, “I’m a survivor” denoting expect others struggling with this horrible disease. Although this stuff will work towards raising awareness, I wish to see more tales of survival and overcome this ailment.

It’s sad that ladies have grown to be so excessively-sexualized that saving their breasts may be the center of a lot cancer of the breast awareness campaigns. It’s no question cancer of the breast survivors are frequently so afraid to obtain mastectomies when even campaigns in order to save them have negative connotations about losing their breasts. A lot of women feel insecure and endure terrible harassment once they choose to obtain a mastectomy to conquer cancer. It breaks me these brave ladies who have looked dying straight within the eye continue to be looked lower on and spoken lower to simply simply because they chose their own health more than a secondary sex organ.The most crucial factor would be that the lady is good again, not too she’s breasts and keeps a “womanly figure.”

Being healthy is much more beautiful than anything on the planet. Female cancer survivors frequently need to make difficult decisions for example shaving their head of hair off, removing their breasts and frequently occasions it may be near impossible to feel beautiful when you are that sick. That shouldn’t be also concern! No lady should ever feel pressure to become beautiful currently within their existence when they’re fighting just to really make it to tomorrow. All she should concern yourself with is kicking cancer’s ass and coming back to her old inner self. There isn’t any reason with no excuse these women ought to be put lower when they’re a few of the toughest people in the world.

It’s time all of us begin focusing from case to case who’s living in your body wracked with cancer. That individual can’t do without themselves, however they can live a proper, normal existence without their breasts. My hope is the fact that women won’t have to think hard or perhaps be insecure if they’re confronted with getting to obtain a mastectomy.


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