Herman cain’s cancer miracle — how he made it happen


Herman Cain credits magic from God to save him from advanced cancer of the colon.

However a top cancer of the colon expert informs Newsmax Health the Republican presidential candidate also benefited by acting rapidly once his cancer was diagnosed in the year 2006 by being smart about his selection of centers.

David Maron, M.D., a colorectal surgeon in the Cleveland Clinic Florida, has treated many patients with stage 4 cancer of the colon for example Cain’s. "Herman Cain clearly did not waste whenever getting treated, which certainly helped him survive," Dr. Maron stated.

Cain, 66, an old pizza executive, describes themself like a Baptist preacher, and attributes his recovery to God. And, indeed, Cain lately passed the 5-year survival point for cancer of the colon patients, and states he’s now cancer-free.

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Based on their own account, Cain visited his physician while he was experiencing lower abdominal discomfort. The tests returned with possibly the worst possible news: he not just had cancer however that it’d spread to his liver. This kind of cancer is recognized as stage 4, or advanced, also it appeared at that time the businessman was without enough time left.

Cain states he was handed merely a 30 % possibility of survival.

But quickly after his diagnosis, he traveled for treatment towards the College of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, among the top cancer centers in the united states. “Fast treatment through the right doctors could be vital” to survival, stated Dr. Maron.

Recent surveys condition that Apple computer boss Jobs delayed his surgery for pancreatic cancer for nine several weeks after his diagnosis, departing some to question whether faster action might have saved his existence.

At MD Anderson, Cain went through just one operation where the cancerous areas of his colon and liver were removed. Also, he had two models of chemotherapy.

Based on Dr. Maron, stage 4 cancer of the colon patients whose cancer is inoperable come with an exceedingly poor prognosis. Fortunately, for Cain, his cancer was situated in places that it may be removed. “In patients (like Cain) in which the cancer has metastasized (spread) to some local, isolated area, the rate of survival is way better,Inches Dr. Maron noted.

Cain also taken advantage of improved surgical techniques, stated Dr. Maron. He went through a surgical procedure to get rid of cancer from both colon and also the liver simultaneously rather of getting separate operations to get rid of cancer from each organ.

Nowadays, cancer of the colon people are also helped from better treatments, including more efficient chemotherapy drugs, to contract tumors before surgery and to ensure that they’re from returning.

Doctors also provide other weapons which have been developed recently, including cryotherapy, which freezes cancer cells, or radiofrequency ablation, which utilizes heat to kill malignant cells which have spread towards the liver.

Such progress offers to transform advanced cancer of the colon “from a terminal disease right into a chronic, manageable one,” Dr. Maron stated.

Still, the easiest method to treat cancer of the colon would be to undergo screening therefore the disease could be caught before signs and symptoms appear, giving patients a much better than 90 % possibility of survival. Doctors suggest that everyone obtain a colonoscopy or any other colon screening at 50, or earlier if there’s a household good reputation for cancer of the colon.

You will find likely to become more than 100,000 new installments of cancer of the colon diagnosed within the U . s . States this season, about 49,000 Americans dying in the disease. Cancer of the colon may be the third leading reason for cancer dying within the U . s . States.

The truth that Cain continues to be cancer-free since 2006 bodes well for his future, stated Dr. Maron: “Typically, we follow these patients for 5 years and when they pass that mark, their chance of cancer recurring is quite low.”

Editor’s Note: Special: Herman Cain Unmasked. Look At This Now.

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