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Bio-Identical Hormone Substitute

For Women and men

Men: tired, insufficient muscle tissue, low libido?

Women: hair-loss, anxiety, menopausal flashes, sleeplessness?

We are able to help!

Effective and safe!

Demand Prices

Men/ Women:

  • initial consult and annual review
  • 30 days and three month follow ups
  • Review labs, medication adjustments
  •           and consult

    Patients of AssociatesMD request special prices!

    Patient responsibility:

    • Annual physical from doctor
    • Acquiring necessary labs from primary physician or we are able to provide cash cost for labs
    • Payment for medications from your pharmacy, they’ll bill your insurance, they might or might not be covered
    •      ( Medication costs will be presented upfront)

      If you’re interested a comprehensive questionnaire is going to be emailed for you to become completed to find out if you qualify. Following a completion a summary of needed diagnostic tests will be presented for you to possess most of your care physician order. Once labs are received a initial consultation is going to be scheduled. If you don’t presently have medical care coverage all tests could be supplied by us and also the costs could be described for you upfront.

      Carissa Vega, LD

      Health Coordinator



      Hormone Substitute: Oestrogen and Progesterone


      What exactly are hormones and so why do I want them?

      Hormones are a crucial part from the metabolic rate of just living. Hormones are essential for that cells, organs, and metabolic process. Our hormones decline through aging, menopause, disease, or trauma. At these times, we start an faster process of getting older. Lack of hormones is among the significant reasons for the degeneration as we age, both physically and psychologically. Hormones are advantageous at all ages, however the best lengthy term protective benefits are achieved if hormones are replaced when you start to get rid of them, usually within our 40’s.

      Do you know the typical hormones which are prescribed?

      Synthetic oestrogen (ie: Premarin) and progestin’s (ie: Provera) are created inside a laboratory. They aren’t just like testosterone. They are made to attempt to elicit exactly the same responses within your body as the natural hormones. Because synthetic hormones aren’t just like testosterone, they may adversely stimulate cells and result in negative effects or cancer. Premarin is definitely an oestrogen acquired from pregnant horses and isn’t human identical. Provera is really a progestin. Have been implicated in causing problems in certain women, including cancer of the breast. They’re chemically altered to enable them to be patented through the pharmaceutical companies.

      How are bio-identical oestrogen and progesterone created?

      Hormones which are just like testosterone are located in yams and soy. We call these “natural” since they’re natural towards the body. The endocrine system are obtained from these vegetables after which processed with a niche compounding pharmacy right into a prescription dose and form. Your body accepts and metabolizes these hormones as though it built them into.

      Do you know the issues with synthetic hormones?

      When first developed, synthetic hormones were well accepted simply because they provided a few of the advantages of hormone substitute: manipulating the signs and symptoms of menopause and fighting brittle bones and cardiovascular disease. However, the lengthy-term results have proven that synthetic hormones sometimes elicit an adverse metabolic response. Some women can’t tolerate synthetic hormones- frequently struggling with negative effects for example bloating, bleeding, or moodiness. In certain patients, synthetic estrogens and progestins led to the introduction of breast and uterine cancer. Synthetic hormones produce abnormal metabolites that induce negative effects while increasing the chance of cancer. An all natural hormone is an ideal fit in your body- it’s a biologically identical hormone substitute.

      Why doesn’t my doctor prescribe bio-identical hormones?

      Supplements for example vitamins and hormones are safe by federal regulation and might not be patented. Major pharmaceutical manufacturers have an interest only in patentable drugs which are exclusive and lucrative. Lots of what physicians learn comes from the drug companies who’re promoting their goods. Therefore, your doctors are mainly trained no more than synthetic products. Bio-identical hormones are not equipped under specific brands. Your personal doctor should be self-educated and familiar with prescribing and monitoring natural hormones. They most likely just have no idea a great deal about the subject or must prescribe inside the constraints of the medical health insurance.

      What’s the truth concerning the recent publicity concerning the perils of taking hormones?

      The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) is really a study that centered on synthetic oestrogen

      (Premarin) and progestin ( Provera). Note: Progestin isn’t progesterone. There have been different “arms” from the study using different drug combinations. The arm from the study using Premarin and Provera (PremPro) was stopped before completion due to a elevated chance of cancer of the breast was detected in early stages from the study. The danger is related to the Provera area of the regimen. This isn’t the very first time progestins happen to be implicated in growing risk for ladies. The arm from the study using Premarin didn’t show an elevated chance of cancer of the breast, but was stopped due to an elevated incidence of strokes in older women. Research conducted recently demonstrated that natural oestrogen was without the sane effects.

      Regrettably, the press has misrepresented the details of the study by targeting all hormone therapy. This Really Is WRONG! Again, the culprits are synthetic progestin, Provera, and horse oestrogen (equilinin) not natural oestrogen or natural progesterone. There are many studies the lengthy term advantages of hormone therapy. You need to simply make certain you will get the best hormones (bio-identical) within the right balance. It’s also vital that you begin hormone substitute when substitute once you start to lose the endocrine system to prevent any period of time without their protective benefits.


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