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Hormone Replacement TherapyHormone substitute therapy might be advantageous if you’re experiencing severe menopausal signs and symptoms. In the Memorial Center for Menopausal Medicine, we know that menopause may cause dramatic changes within your body chemistry. This could bring debilitating menopausal flashes, sleep problems, fatigue, anger, moodiness, putting on weight, and much more. Women dealing with menopause may feel a number of confusing feelings. They might believe that they are less attractive because they were in the past. Or they might discover that they just do not feel like themselves any longer. Find out more about estrogen’s effects around the female body. 

Oestrogen supplementation can alleviate menopausal flashes which help restore a general sense of well-being. Using testosterone to improve libido and a feeling of well-being is advantageous to a lot of women. However, hormone substitute also carries health problems that ladies must realize. Pamela Gaudry, M.D., helps women travel through the choice-making process and choose whether hormone replace suits them.

Gaudry routinely recommends vaginal oestrogen supplementation in recently menopausal patients. This kind of oestrogen is minimally absorbed, if, and activly works to keep your vaginal oestrogen receptors stimulated. It may be succumbed a vaginal cream, pill, or ring. It keeps the lube glands working and maintains the elasticity from the vagina.

If you are battling the emotional or physical signs and symptoms of menopause, don’t suffer alone. Gaudry helps women overcome the stressors and discomforts connected with menopause. She pledges to deal with you using the respect you deserve while hearing your concerns and supplying the greatest degree of care. Call us to have an appointment

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Hormone Replacement Therapy Overview (Menopause – HRT)