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Women with cancer of the breast, cardiovascular disease or past thrombus shouldn’t take hormone therapy for relief of menopause signs and symptoms. Ladies who don’t are afflicted by menopause signs and symptoms shouldn’t take hormone therapy for stopping loss of memory or strokes. Rather, speak to your physician about other medications you are able to take or changes in lifestyle you may make for lengthy-term defense against these conditions.

For hormone substitute therapy, how will you safeguard yourself in the added risks?

Recent research into the WHI data along with other trials suggests there are a number of ways to lessen the natural perils of hormone therapy.

Speak to your physician about these strategies:

  • Time that it right. The chance of hormone therapy causing cardiovascular disease isn’t considerably elevated in females under age 60. Actually, some studies claim that oestrogen may safeguard the center when taken at the start of your menopausal years.
  • Minimize the quantity of medication you are taking. Make use of the cheapest effective dose for that shortest period of time required to treat signs and symptoms. However, you shouldn’t be scared to carry on treatment as lengthy as you’ve debilitating menopausal signs and symptoms.
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  • Get the best delivery way of you. You are able to take oestrogen by means of an herbal viagra, patch, gel, vaginal cream or slow-releasing suppository or ring that you simply devote your vagina. Should you experience only isolated vaginal signs and symptoms, oestrogen inside a vaginal cream, tablet or ring is generally superior to an herbal viagra or perhaps a skin patch. That is because oestrogen applied straight to your vagina works better in a lower dose than is oestrogen succumbed pill or skin patch form.
  • There are were built with a hysterectomy and therefore are using dental or skin patch hormone therapy, additionally, you will need progestin, which will come in an herbal viagra, combination pill, vaginal gel, intrauterine device or combination skin patch. Your physician will help you discover the delivery way in which offers the best results and convenience using the least risks and price.
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