How “cancer of the breast awareness” campaigns hurt


Boobs string tankOctober is Cancer Of The Breast Awareness month. Pink ribbons abound at shops, supermarkets, gasoline stations, departmental stores and lots of other areas. However the big "awareness" push might be misplaced. In the end, cancer of the lung kills two times as numerous women every year as cancer of the breast — more women each year within the U.S. die from cancer of the lung than from breast, uterine, and ovarian cancers combined. In ’09 alone, 31,000 more women died of cancer of the lung than cancer of the breast. But there isn’t any ribbons, theme-colored products, corporate promotions, colored vehicle magnets, festivals or fundraisers to create people conscious of lung cancer’s devastating toll, in order to support cancer of the lung victims or raise money for any cure.

Why don’t you?

Sex Sells

Because female breasts are sexy, and sex sells. Lung area along with other organs — as well as their cancers — just not have the same zing. Cancer of the lung could be the country’s number 1 cancer killer, but individuals are unlikely to flock to purchase weird and inappropriate "cancer of the lung awareness" items like a coloured "cancer of the lung awareness" hands gun, a "colon-cancer awareness" floating beer pong table or perhaps a bile-colored "pancreatic awareness" toaster. Lung area, pancreases, colons, prostates along with other hard-working organs are simply plain unattractive marketing tools — they do not sell stuff. They’re asexual, and hidden, so we like them this way. Not too with breasts. Female breasts envision buying power like couple of other organs, and also the "cancer of the breast awareness" theme gives corporate America the best "in" to link female breasts to sales of virtually anything — a fantastic combination for marketing purposes.

People also have a tendency to blame cancer of the lung victims for his or her own disease, since smoking causes cancer of the lung. Let alone that cigarette companies involved in half a century of fraud and deceptiveness in advertising their goods, or they magnify the addictiveness of any nicotine products by free-basing nicotine and performing other hidden chemical hanky-panky with tobacco. It’s all regulated the smoker’s fault to get cancer.

And Just What About Men?

Almost all cancer of the breast awareness campaigns are silent concerning the fact that cancer of the breast may also affect men. Males are in a diagnostic disadvantage for that disease since they’re not advised to conduct self-exams or get screening mammograms the way in which women are. Ignorance about male cancer of the breast results in lengthy delays in diagnosis, reducing men’s rate of survival. Because the public is frequently told that cancer of the breast is really a woman’s disease, guys have difficulty accepting diagnosing when they’re affected, even to begin keeping their diagnoses secret. Male cancer of the breast victims also face a dreadful stigma from society. One public health clinic declined to provide a guy a mammogram while he would be a man. A neighbor of mine whose whose husband died of cancer of the breast (and who enlightened me concerning the toll the condition consumes men) explained that whenever his diagnosis, her husband’s own buddies jokingly derided him for getting a "woman’s disease."

With regards to men, "cancer of the breast awareness" promotions because they are presently conducted, using their over-the-top focus on women’s breasts, do more damage than good.

So It Is All About Women’s You-Know-Whats (Snicker!)

Beer4BoobsNowadays, many cancer of the breast promotions have cringeworthy, degrading overtones that convey all of the respect of drunk mariners in a strip club. A los angeles company known as "Save the Ta Tas" (phone 1-877-MY-TATAS), sells T-shirts with embarrassing slogans like "Caught you lookin’ inside my Ta Tas" and "I really like my big Ta Tas." The organization donates a little part of sales from all of these products for research. A tv commercial shows a lady putting on a skimpy bikini walking alongside a pool. Men gawk at her chest. Your camera zooms in to pay attention to her jiggling breasts along with a message fills the screen, "You realize you want them. Now you have in order to save the breasts." The ad invites viewers to go to a celebration known as "The Boobyball Party." Hard Rock Hotels are advertising "Enter into Bed for any Cure." You will find a horrifyingly-named "Beat the Hell From Cancer Of The Breast" festival in Bryan, Texas, that provides marketing bracelets that say, "I Really Like Boobies." Flanigan’s Boathouse in Malvern, Pennsylvania provides a happy hour known as "Strategies for Tits."