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As Larskri has mentioned, the issue with nodular melanoma is it grows vertically, instead of horizontally, meaning it grows lower in to the skin.

However, how quickly melanoma might spread towards the lymph nodes cannot be based upon stating that it’ll take 30 days or 24 months or 353.6 days. There are way too many variables to find out that. Melanoma grows fast, extremely fast. But that’s compared to Basal or Squamous Cell Carcinomas, that are very slow growing cancers.

Example: I’d things i thought would be a freckle/mole on my small knee which was developing in March 2006. By early 12 , 2006, it’d progressed into things i thought would be a very unique searching mole (had no A,B,C,D’s of melanoma), and made the decision to possess my Dr take a look at within my physical in Jan 2007. She agreed it looked "weird" and made the decision to get rid of it in February 2007. It returned as malignant melanoma. I’d a large excision in Marly 2007. It had been nodular melanoma (it had not elevated in outward appearance since 12 , 2006), and it is depth what food was in .7mm. Been with them grown just .3mm more, I’d have needed were built with a sentinental node biopsy, because the lymph nodes may have been impacted.

Mine required as many as 4 several weeks. Within 6 several weeks, my lymph nodes might have been affected. Or…they might not. Difficult to tell. And shall we be held typical? You never know?

The morale of the story? If you feel you’ve something on the skin that’s questionable Whatsoever, speak to a physician. Don’t try to identify yourself to it. Don’t ask others opinion. I understood within my gut something was "off." I didn’t fit all of the descriptions of melanoma. If someone checked out my melanoma, they’d have explained never fear. Truth is, You realize The body, and if you think there’s a problem, have it take a look at with a professional.

It does not matter how quickly melanomas might or might not spread. One person’s example might not be yours.


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