How rapidly will a melanoma can grow, how quickly must i act


How rapidly will a melanoma can grow, how quickly must i act possess made great strides, not


I am a new comer to the forum and most likely have a similar question and fears since many, however i choose to ask instead of not.

Here’s my situation. I am 39. My spouse uncover exactly what is a 1cm wide mole near my ear around the fringe of my hair 8 days ago. I was immediately surprised because we never first viewed it before these types of location, we can not understand why we’d have missed it, especially after my last haircut 30 days ago which may have uncovered it entirely. So we are concerned.

I immediately visited see my loved ones physician who designed a referal for any skin doctor. yesterday i had been booked for teleconsultancy, where I saw a nurse who required images of it and it is now delivering the pics to some skin doctor of initial assessement. They are saying an answer will come within 4 days and more often than not inside a week, based on the number of patients they suffer from. 

I have taken macro pictures seven days ago and yesterday and also the factor appears to possess made great strides, not across however in thickness. It is more elevated. Listed here are the images:

With all this rapid change, the very fact we never first viewed it before somewhere which should result and also the possible watch for days to obtain an answer, I am more concerned. Also I am travelling in a few days for business and am wondering basically should cancel to visit see another person fast. 

How rapidly can this stuff grow and just how fast you ought to act. Shall we be speaking days, days, several weeks, years?

Thank you for any advice.



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