Liver cancer awareness month 2016: weight problems, nafld, diabetes, liver fibrosis, hepatitis c, and liver cirrhosis


Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease develops when fat builds up within the liver. This will happen in those who don’t consume alcohol or who drink moderately. In certain people, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) causes no signs and symptoms or complications. However, whether it progresses, it may ultimately result in liver failure.

If you are diabetic it’s also wise to stress about your liver health. Diabetes can place a person in an elevated risk for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The Mayo Clinic reports that the vast majority of diabetics with diabetes type 2 will build up non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Other adding factors of non-alcoholic liver disease include being obese, high cholesterol levels, and bloodstream pressure.

Although diabetes may lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, the association works the other way round, too, meaning NAFLD can result in detecting diabetes. If diabetes is poorly managed, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease can worsen. Continue reading…

hepatitic-c-deathsHepatitis C becoming # 1 infectious killer: CDC

Hepatitis C has become the main infectious killer, based on the CDC. Within the U.S. alone, hepatitis C-related deaths hit a higher in 2014, also it presently kills more Americans than every other infectious disease. In 2014, there have been 19,659 hepatitis C-related deaths.

Dr. Jonathan Mermin in the CDC stated inside a news release, “Why a multitude of Americans dying of the avoidable, curable disease? Once hepatitis C testing and treatment are as routine because they are for top cholesterol and cancer of the colon, we will have people living the lengthy, healthy lives they deserve.”

If hepatitis C isn’t treated, people are in an elevated chance of liver cancer as well as other existence-threatening illnesses. In addition, patients can unknowingly infect others. Continue reading…

coffee-can-help-your-liverThis daily beverage can certainly help your liver

The American Liver Foundation (ALF) believed that $ 30 million Americans have some type of liver disease – that’s roughly one out of 10 people. The ALF also states there are other than 100 variations of liver disease. Similarly, within Canada, the nation sees about 5,000 deaths yearly associated with liver disease. Clearly, Americans have to take proper care of their liver health.

It’s generally thought that alcohol may be the liver’s greatest threat, however the ongoing research reveals hepatitis C as well as fat are simply as big of the problem. To aid the liver, and that’s what motivated Canadian and U.S researchers to get together and discover a possible solution. Continue reading…

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