Liver cancer


SF CAN seeks to lessen new liver cancer cases and liver cancer deaths in Bay Area by 50 %.

We’ll do that by reduction of the outcome of viral hepatitis. We’ll promote vaccination against hepatitis B, safe sex and clean-needle use, earlier recognition of hepatitis B and C with screening bloodstream tests, better monitoring and strategy to people have contracted individuals illnesses, and access to look after liver cancer patients.

In Bay Area, liver cancer may be the ninth most typical cancer and also the fifth most deadly. Men develop liver cancer at greater than double the amount rate of ladies. Asian Americans bear the brunt of the disease, however the past twenty years have introduced increases in liver cancer in African Americans and Latinos.

Most liver cancers within the U.S. exist in individuals with cirrhosis (liver scarring), typically from chronic hepatitis B and C infection or heavy alcohol consumption. Individuals with hepatitis B may also get liver cancer without getting cirrhosis. Bay Area isn’t any different.

Hepatitis B (HBV) may be the responsible for liver cancer. It may be transmitted by sexual contact, needle use, and through birth from moms who’re chronic carriers, a typical method in which Asian Americans get hepatitis B.

Hepatitis C (HCV) is yet another major reason for liver cancer. It’s transmitted by discussing bloodstream by having an infected person via injection drug abuse, bloodstream transfusions, or needle stick injuries. There’s no vaccine for HCV. There are a variety of impressive drugs available on the market, however their expense pose an obstacle to controlling HCV. You should observe that HCV and HBV could be asymptomatic, and lots of who’re infected frequently are not aware they harbor the infections.


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