Man heals stage 3 prostate and colon cancers with raw food diet –


Man heals stage 3 prostate and colon cancers with raw food diet - He explains that

(NaturalNews) Joshua Strayer used to be relayed through seven different specialists he had stage 3 colon and cancer of the prostate which surgical procedure was necessary.(1) Without them, they told the newlywed that his wife might finish up a widow in only six short several weeks, a remark that both angered 330-pound Strayer yet propelled him to create on a wholesome path. After hearing this news, he and the wife involved in research about adopting fitness.

Today, he’s healed themself from cancer, stating that his doctors were so amazed that does not only did they check and re-check his bloodstream several occasions, however really claim that they can make mistake within their diagnosis. In addition, he’s also 140 pounds lighter, now weighing about 190 pounds.

The nutritional changes that healed stage 3 cancer

"I am almost literally half the person I had been before but tremendously more spiritually and each which way," he informs The Raw Food World Chief executive officer Matt Monarch within an interview detailing your way that helped him create a healthy relationship with food.(1) He explains that it is relationship that leaves him feeling satisfied, not deprived, since several healthy and attractive options exist.

So, what did he do?

Instead of have a go at the physician-suggested surgeries along with other cancer treatments, Strayer explains he cleansed his body with herbal treatments, eliminated junk foods in support of eating whole-foods which initially, he remained from the vibes of negative people.(1)

Today, he enjoys a raw vegan lifestyle, something which he easily transitioned to following a couple of several weeks on the vegetarian diet. Also, he cut his salt intake in two and stopped consuming sodas. Strayer states he has not looked back. It is a focus that Monarch fully embraces, stating that to be able to heal from degenerative illnesses and improve all around health, the "secret is to get rid of junk foods.Inch(1)

Key foods which help heal cancer

Top foods which have been proven aid healing cancers like prostate include eco-friendly tea, broccoli and tomato, turmeric, pomegranate, cauliflower and The city sprouts.(2) Actually, eating a mix of tomato and broccoli continues to be proven to possess a "synergistic effect" in lessening prostate tumor growth by a remarkable 52 percent.(2)

The American Cancer Society notes that loss of focus, being obese and eating an eating plan full of red and processed meats can result in a greater chance of cancer of the colon.(3) For cancer of the prostate, the American Cancer Society mentions that men that eat dairy and less levels of vegetables and fruit generally have much more of a danger than individuals who eat otherwise.(4)

"If you think maybe it and invest in it," states Strayer, "you’ll become healthy and you’ll heal yourself from anything possible."(1)

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He Healed From Prostate Cancer With Raw Foods & Juicing!