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Patient financial services will review this along

Financial Counseling

An Economic Specialist can be obtained to help patients to find avenues for service reimbursement. We provide pre-treatment counseling for patients who’re not able to pay for their forecasted expenses and along with patients who’ve greater balances and require relief.

Our Financial Specialist, will help you with lots of different financial help. Contact the financial counselor within our facility at 606-886-0999 to go over your personal certain situations. Work hours are Monday through Friday, 8 AM to five:00 PM.

There are lots of programs that are offered in aiding for you to assist cover the expense of medicines and treatment. If you think you qualify, please call us so the application might be began immediately.

This assistance includes:

  • Comprehending the patient’s financial ability.
    • Placing the individual in touch with government departments to locate funding for example State medicaid programs and Medicare.
      •  Determining whether someone is qualified for charitable organization care or financial help
      • Patients requiring financial consideration are recognized as very rapidly within the registration/admission process to ensure that all documentation, research, and approval could be completed before services are supplied.

        Assistance Qualifications

        Earnings qualifications do vary.

        Guidelines are often based from current Federal Poverty Guidelines. Most assistance programs let your earnings to become between 2% – 5% above poverty levels To learn more check out the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website at .Co-Pay/Prescription Assistance varies with various diagnoses. Your Patient Financial Specialist will review this along with you.

        What you need to provide the very first ending up in the Financial Specialist

        Evidence of earnings/federal taxes, combined with the following information for those people from the household.

        • Household Monthly Earnings
        • Wage/Salary Statements
        • Retirement/Pension Statements
        • Social Security Information
        • Regions of Assistance

          • Co-Pay/Prescription Assistance/Sources within our Community
          • Transportation/Mileage Reimbursement
          • Dietary Supplements
          • Medicare supplemental, Medicare Medicare Part D, State medicaid programs, and Social Security Disability information.
          • Local and National Organizations
          • Sources to National Agencies: Cancer Care, Leukemia/Lymphoma Society
          • Co-Pay Assistance Programs

            Patient Services Incorporated (1-800-336-7741) is dedicated to assisting persons with chronic medical illnesses in being able to access health insurance pharmacy co-payment assistance. They focus on supplying medical health insurance premium assistance, pharmacy co-pay assistance, and co-payment waiver assistance for persons with specific costly chronic illnesses.

            Patient Advocate Foundation (1-866-512-3861) assists patients identified as having cancer of the lung, cancer of the breast, and cancer of the prostate. The individual must contact PAF directly to have an interview to find out eligibility. Among other services, the individual Advocate Foundation provides a dedicated Co-Pay Relief program.

            The HealthWell Foundation® (1-800-675-8416) helps individuals afford prescription drugs they’re taking for particular illnesses. The Building Blocks provides financial help to qualified patients to pay for certain out-of-pocket healthcare costs including:

              Patient financial services specific costly chronic

            • Prescription medication coinsurance, co-payments, and deductibles
            • Medical health insurance premiums
            • Other selected out-of-pocket healthcare costs.
            • Patient Access Network Foundation (1-866-316-7263) is devoted to supporting the requirements of patients who cannot connect to the treatments they require because of out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Patients might be qualified for help when they are afflicted by

              There are more services open to assist patients with medical costs. Please contact our office should you require financial help. Please also reference our Financial Policy.