Proton therapy for liver metastasis from stage 4 cancer of the colon – the colon club


Proton therapy for liver metastasis from stage 4 cancer of the colon - the colon club of the colon

At 68, I had been identified as having stage 4 terminal Cancer of the colon with metastasis towards the liver and lymph nodes in March 2015. I’ve not one other medical conditions. I had been offered chemotherapy, to reduce how big the tumors. I spoken with my boy in law who’s a physician, and that he confirmed that chemotherapy might produce another 9 several weeks. The typical existence expectancy with chemotherapy was 24 months. I made the decision to avoid the Chemotherapy. Based on the oncologist at Emory, I ought to have experienced 6 several weeks to reside neglected. I altered my diet towards the Budwig diet in March 2015, and ongoing existence as always doing marathons every month.

in November 2015, while researching cancer of the colon on the web I discovered cure at Loma Linda College Hospital in California known as Proton Therapy. I applied and it was recognized for treatment. I’d strategy to 2 liver tumors, both too near to veins to become surgically removed. I used to be told the liver tumors would kill me, so it wasn’t practical to get rid of the colon tumor unless of course it threatened to bar the colon, or was bleeding. Three days following the proton therapy, the liver tumors were gone, along with a pet scan confirmed the liver wasn’t any longer cancerous.

In Jan 2016, I’d surgery to get rid of the colon tumor. Dr Arnold Conforti did the right colectomy robotically and delivered a 9cm colon tumor by c-section.

In February 2016, following the effective colon surgery, I’d Proton Therapy on the Porta Aortic Lymph node which was enlarged. It had been too near to the aorta to become removed surgically. I initially had two lymph nodes which were enlarged, however the other was normal after i had the CT scan before the treatment.

I don’t understand what the long run holds, I’m only into this 12 months. I’m a part of research at Loma Linda where Dr Gary Yang is creating a proton strategy to liver metastasis. I’ll visit Loma Linda every 3 several weeks for scans to check on for further tumors. I’m told that Metastatic cancer more often than not returns. So far as I understand, Dr Yang may be the only Dr who treats metastatic liver tumors with proton therapy.

Within my treatment, I toured the Proton Center and learned they have been effectively treating various sorts of cancer since 1990. The very first patient in 1990 had an ocular tumor. Her options were proton therapy and have the attention removed. The therapy labored and also the eye was saved. Today, among the treatment rooms is devoted to treating ocular tumors. Most of the people are children.

About 70% from the proton patients have cancer of the prostate. Laser hair removal kills cancer without surgery and enables the individual to reside an ordinary existence. While at Loma Linda, I met patients with a number of cancers. A few of the proton treatments were along with chemotherapy and surgery, others, like mine were just proton.

The proton treatment methods are discomfort free with little if any negative effects. My treatment was Medicare approved and Loma Linda accepts Medicare. I recognize that this isn’t a remedy all, however in my situation, it had been the main difference in existence and dying. My email is

Proton therapy for liver metastasis from stage 4 cancer of the colon - the colon club several weeks to reside neglected


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