Radiotherapy for women with stage i or stage ii cancer of the breast – full text view –


DISEASE CHARACTERISTICS: Histologically confirmed nonlobular invasive cancer of the breast of among the following histologies: Ductal Papillary Medullary Colloid (mucinous) Tubular Stage I/II (T1-2 N0-1 M0) tumor no more than 3 cm Prior tylectomy and axillary lymph node dissection needed A maximum of 3 positive axillary lymph nodes with no extracapsular extension A minimum of 6 lymph nodes sampled OR Negative sentinal node Surgical clips in position delineating margins of tylectomy cavity Negative, or close but negative, inked histologic margins of tylectomy or re-excision specimen Negative margins understood to be no tumor a minimum of 2 mm from the inked margins Close but negative margins understood to be tumor within 2 mm of inked margin Positive margins understood to be invasive or noninvasive tumor at inked resection margins Negative publish-tylectomy or publish-reexcision mammogram needed if disease given malignancy-connected microcalcifications No remaining suspicious microcalcifications If catheters are put sometimes of reexcision, the crieria might not be achievable however a publish brachytherapy mammogram ought to be acquired as quickly as possible No extensive intraductal carcinoma through the Harvard definition, i.e.: Greater than 25% of tumor is ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and there’s DCIS in adjacent breast growth OR Intraductal carcinoma with microinvasion No proven multicentric carcinoma, i.e.: Tumor in various quadrants from the breast OR Tumor separated by a minimum of 4 cm The next exclude: Skin or chest wall invasion Matted or fixed axillary adenopathy Metastatic internal mammary or supraclavicular nodes Paget’s disease from the nipple Formerly treated contralateral breast carcinoma or synchronous bilateral breast carcinoma Hormone receptor status: Not specified

PATIENT CHARACTERISTICS: Age: All ages Sex: Female Menopausal status: Not specified Performance status: Not specified Hematopoietic: Not specified Hepatic: Not specified Kidney: Not specified Other: No bovine collagen vascular disease having a c-reactive protein level above normal or by having an active skin rash (e.g., systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, or dermatomyositis) No coexisting medical problem that reduces existence expectancy to under 24 months No second malignancy within five years except nonmelanomatous cancer of the skin Not pregnant or nursing Negative pregnancy test

PRIOR CONCURRENT THERAPY: Biologic therapy: Not specified Chemotherapy: No prior chemotherapy for cancer of the breast Planned chemotherapy can start a minimum of 2 days after elimination of brachytherapy catheters Endocrine therapy: Concurrent tamoxifen allowed Radiotherapy: No prior radiotherapy for cancer of the breast Surgery: See Disease Characteristics


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