Run for that ta-tas fun run – fleet ft annapolis


Run for that ta-tas fun run - fleet ft annapolis MetaVivor Research and

Date: Saturday, October 1, 2016 @ 8:30AM

Event Info:


In celebration from the &#652793nd birthday of Fleet Ft Sports Severna Park, we’re hosting the fourth Annual Run for that Ta-Tas 5K Fun Run/Walk! Please meet at Fleet Ft Sports Severna Park at 8:15am. We’ll walk towards the trail and begin our run at 8:30am around the B&A Trail. The race is going to be locked in recognition of buddies, family, and community people who’ve been identified as having Cancer Of The Breast.

ALL PROCEEDS is going to be donated towards the MetaVivor Research and Support Program, a nearby organization that is constantly on the support men and women with metastatic cancer of the breast (MBC) within the Greater Annapolis area, in addition to support outreach, awareness, and research for that disease. 

What’s a Ta-Ta Chaser?

A Ta-Ta Chaser is perfect for both men and women runners alike, and it is our method of getting the whole community together for the reason.

Women are encourage to operate in Sports Brazier (if weather permits!) in recognition of individuals who’ve been identified as having cancer of the breast.

Breakfast and refreshments is going to be provided publish-run.


The very first person to mix the conclusion line – man or woman will win a PRIZE!

Awards will also be provided to: “Best Fitness Bra” around – so perk up your fitness bra and obtain sassy. Guys, we aren’t excluding yourself on that one either. You might decorate a shirt having a sports bra onto it – or put on a sports bra over your shirt when the weather conditions are chilly.


Of course, our Fun Runs are FREE towards the community, however, we’re asking that participants create a donation his or her entry fee to the beneficiary. You want to bring focus on local causes and provide to the city which has given a lot to all of us. So, we’re asking that participants please create a $5 – $10 donation on race day. 100% of proceeds goes to METAVivor Research and Support Program.

REGISTRATION: Click here to join up today.

The wedding won’t be formally timed, but we have a finisher’s clock in the beginning to time your run.


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