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Ray introduced attention in order to save the Ta-Tas, a breast-cancer awareness company. I can’t quite determine what to create of them–the website states a “portion of gross sales” is led to fighting cancer of the breast, although not how large of the portion. So presumably you’re fighting cancer of the breast by having to pay $24.95 for t-shirts such as this one:


I suppose it’s a for-profit company. And also the t-shirts are type of funny, and they’re getting focus on a worthy cause. But it’s another illustration of consumption as activism (see here, here, and here there are more examples should you search underneath the “activism” tag). I am talking about, you can just donate $25 right to a cancer of the breast awareness organization and know all $25 visited, instead of knowing some unspecified “portion” from it did. I suppose if you are thinking about buying a t-shirt anyway, you may as well purchase one which will provide some cash for an organization you love, if your interest rates are in really funding cancer of the breast research, there appear to become more good ways to do it.

However, I’m fascinated with the product:


Despite what your dirty little mind may be thinking, the web site explained to me that Boob Lube will be employed for breast self-exams. The reason why you would want lube for your, I am unable to say.

Thanks, Ray!

NEW: 73man stated the Irish Women’s Healthcare “Two Tits along with a Vote” campaign to obtain individuals to demand that politicians help provide more use of cancer of the breast screening. Here’s a photograph in the campaign:

Observe that the Hireling Shepherd stamp without anyone’s knowledge has huge breasts.

This campaign is unlike the first because it isn’t mounted on an organization, so far as I will tell. However it appears like there will be a method to bring focus on this problem without needing your body of the model-thin women with big breasts.

On the other hand, I suppose maybe individuals are the types of breasts politicians could be most concerned about being broken.

Thanks, 73man!


"Save The Ta Tas" Unofficial PSA #6-A (FCC Ending)