Save the ta-tas?

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"Breasts, boobies, titties, and ta-tas."  These aren’t the language of the giggling 6 year-old, however the words from the nationwide Cancer Of The Breast awareness campaign.  They’re highlighted through the t-shirt right, and other oh-so-stylish designs. October is Cancer Of The Breast Awareness month, which year, campaigns have ditched the emotional attracts save the lives from the women inside your existence in support of misogynistic slogans like, "Save the titties!" and "Save Second Base!"

Clearly, I’m not keen on this message.  As I usually appreciate humorous and lighthearted campaigns, the actual message here really bothers me.  It basically states, "Your investment women, save their breasts!"  Here are a few fundamental issues with this:

It cuts down on women to breasts. Cancer Of The Breast scientific studies are not, and cannot be, an attempt in order to save breasts, but an attempt in order to save lifes.

  • Slogans that make reference to breasts using sexual terms like "tits," or make reference to an intimate behave like "second base," imply the main reason we ought to save women’s breasts (the girl existence is definitely an afterhought) is to allow them to still provide sexual satisfaction for other people, particularly heterosexual men. (Nowhere performs this campaign mention another fairly important purpose of breasts: "Save breastfeeding" anybody?)

  • It indicates that the lady without breasts is useless.

    Just check out this PSA from the Canadian Cancer Of The Breast awareness organization.  You can pause it and provide once they cut the women’s mind from the shot so that we’re absolutely obvious that we are speaking about BOOBIES, and never a person.

    Jewish ladies have been integral in fighting against cancer of the breast.  Rose Kushner found a lump in her own breast in 1974, and used her journalism background to create articles about cancer of the breast and also the controversies surrounding treatment. Kushner compiled her research in Cancer Of The Breast: An Individual Background and Investigative Report, which she first printed in 1975.  In 1986, Jackie Winnow founded the Women’s Cancer Resource Center in Oakland, California — the very first center available within the U.S.

    Patricia Barr is yet another warrior for cancer of the breast. She founded and grew to become among the original Company directors from the National Cancer Of The Breast Coalition, and then founded and offered as President from the Vermont Cancer Of The Breast Network. There’s also Judi Hirshfield-Bartek, another outstanding Jewish lady fighting the great fight.  She serves around the board from the National Cancer Of The Breast Coalition and also the Massachusetts Cancer Of The Breast Coalition, where she chairs the Legislative Task Pressure.  She is another founding person in the Jewish Women’s Coalition on Cancer Of The Breast.  Within this podcast, Hirschfield-Bartek discusses the outcome of her family’s cancer of the breast legacy by herself activism. 

    But possibly the activist whose message most conflicts with today’s "Save the boobies" campaign is Deena Metzger.  Metzger is really a author, spiritual teacher and healbot.  Her legendary "Warrior" pose expresses her overcome cancer of the breast, at the same time displaying her spirit, her health insurance and vitality, and her publish-mastectomy body.  When there was ever a "love the bodyInch message, here it is.

    Deena Metzger trained us the message of cancer of the breast awareness ought to be about celebrating women’s health insurance and spirit, whether they have breasts. Today’s absurd "Yay boobies!" campaign teaches us that breasts are what define our worth as women. Case so wrong.

    Screw the ta-tas — Save the Players!