Save women’s lives, not only breasts – bitch talk


Compiled By: Jesse Credence

Save the tatas.

Small or big, save all of them.

Keep calm and save breasts.

I ❤ boobies.

Breasts need our help.

It’s about breasts.

Don’t let cancer of the breast steal second base.

Save the hooters.

I put on pink because Nice breasts.

What’s wrong wonderful these cancer of the breast awareness slogans?

They’re about saving “a pair” and never about saving an individual’s existence.

Cancer of the breast is an extremely real and incredibly frightening factor. Based on, typically, there’s single in 8 chance that the lady is going to be identified as having cancer of the breast at some stage in her existence. Men may also get cancer of the breast though it may be unusual (under 1% of cancer of the breast cases). A man’s risk for cancer of the breast is roughly one in 1,000. It was believed which more than 40,000 women were expected to die of cancer of the breast in 2015. Cancer of the breast has got the second greatest cancer dying rate for American women after cancer of the lung.

Cancer of the breast is frightening. It’s a killer.

Then why do okay so that it is sexualized everywhere constantly? How come the chest the items that should be saved and never the women’s lives? How about ladies who have forfeit their breasts because of cancer of the breast. Does which make them lesser just simply because they do not have “tatas”?


We don’t put on white-colored t-shirts (the colour of cancer of the lung awareness) that say “save the lungs”. I’ve never witnessed anybody having a saying about someone’s butt on their own shirt distributing “awareness” for cancer of the colon. And I’ve certainly never witnessed anybody put on a bracelet that states “I ❤ balls” for testicular cancer or any “funny slogans” someone complain about putting their fingers up a man’s rectum to check on him for cancer of the prostate. But I’ve come across shirts that say “save the tatas”. I’ve come across cancer of the breast awareness advertisements that conspicuously display a woman’s cleavage. “I ❤ boobies” bracelets were extremely popular a couple of years back, and I have seen a number of men’s shirts with slogans about feeling up women’s breasts for any good cause.

Why the hell is that this appropriate? And how come such things as “#NoBraDay” gaining recognition? What you will really not putting on a bra for just one day of the season literally provide for anybody with cancer of the breast? I do not visit a “#NoUnderwearDay” for males to get the word out about testicular cancer.

Cancer of the breast patients possess a disease. It isn’t sexy. Many people survive it, however it can return. Coping with any disease is really a daily fight not just for that patient however for everybody within their lives. Don’t sexualize cancer of the breast.

Let’s concentrate on saving peoples’ lives.

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