Save your valuable own tatas


Save your valuable own tatas your breasts when there is

Save the Tatas.  It had been on a bumper sticker having a jaunty little pink ribbon, pasted on the bumper of the pickup.  Regrettably, I wasn’t transporting my sledgehammer beside me.  My purse has already been heavy enough.

And So I came home and Googled the cute little saying.  Actually, it’s an internet site enterprise with a lot of bannered T-shirts and perky youthful things smiling in the camera.  It’s about eradicating cancer of the breast — but having a smile along with a sly wink.  With humor, you realize.  Have it?  No, I do not.

Or possibly I actually do, however i don’t enjoy it.  Sure, maybe a few of the proceeds from the sales of STTT clothing and bumper stickers visit support cancer of the breast research.   Everyone will get to put on tight T-shirts that demonstrate they still — fortunately! — get their tatas as well as their feeling of play.  Everyone grins and wins, you realize.

Good lord.  How to start?

For me personally, obviously, it’s already far too late.  Like a lot of my buddies, I’ve lost both breasts (pardon me basically don’t give them a call tatas) to surgery.  And guess what happens?  Which was minimal of my problems.  Cancer inside your breasts doesn’t kill you it’s simply where cancer can begin.  You relax a bit regarding your breasts really rapidly — and begin fretting about sites in which the cancer of the breast can metastasize.  Places much like your liver, lung area, bones and brain which are a little more vital than your cleavage.  Places in which the cancer will kill you.

But Save the Lung area wouldn’t look funny on the T-shirt or bumper sticker.  Rather, let’s carry the reassuring little pink ribbon and also the cutesy names for breasts and end up forgetting about mortality tables and metastases and wink like Sarah Palin, since nothing’s really that serious that you simply can’t joke about this, including national security and climatic change and terrorist cells of the baby and malignant variety.  And, should you not obtain the joke, too not a good idea and all sorts of your gloom-and-disaster pronouncements.  C’mon, smile!

Save the Tatas!  You only be worried about your breasts when there is not something greater on the line.  Much like your existence, say.

I recieve the joke.  Unfortunately, it’s not funny.  I’ll be transporting my sledgehammer following this.

(Copyright 2008 by Ruth Pennebaker)


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