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NEW You are able to (CBSNewYork) — A new study suggests white-colored wine might be a melanoma risk factor.

We all know that moderate drinking will work for your heart, it increases your risk for liver, colon and cancer of the breast.

Now, we might need to add melanoma to that particular list, CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez reported. But there are several curious quirks within the study that puzzled doctors.

Harvey Brody stated he’s a lucky man. The 74-year-old West Side resident had a heart transplant at Mount Sinai Hospital 2 yrs ago, despite other doctors telling him he wasn’t an qualified candidate.

However, many years of exposure to the sun in Arizona and also the anti-rejection drugs he takes have brought to him developing plenty of melanoma dangerous skin cancers.

“I’ve had a number of, I do not be aware of exact number,” he stated.

Brody might also have another melanoma risk factor — one which nobody suspected.

“I do drink wine, yes I actually do. Not really a lot, however i do drink wine,” he stated.

A new study within the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention examined health records in excess of 200,000 white-colored people and located that simply one drink of alcohol each day elevated the chance of melanoma by 13 %, as long as the alcohol was white-colored wine.

“I might have expected both red and white-colored wines to possess much the same findings,” stated Dr. Hooman Khorasani, of Mount Sinai Health System.

The study’s authors stated wine contains some cancer causing compounds known as acetaldehydes that could be counterbalanced by anti-oxidants in dark wine.

Also curious could be that the melanomas present in white-colored wine drinkers were rather in non-sun-uncovered body areas.

Everything, cheap the elevated risk seemed to be small for this kind of study, brought most cancer of the skin experts arrive at an identical conclusion.

“I wouldn’t always stop consuming completely,” Khorasani stated. “I don’t think the information are sufficiently strong to aid that,” Khorasani stated.

Despite the fact that Brody wound up obtaining a biopsy for an additional suspected melanoma on Thursday, he stated he wouldn’t change his habits.

“Glass of dark wine from time to time,” he stated.

It is also worth noting that this sort of study is simply a record association, meaning it doesn’t prove expected outcomes. It’s possible the correlation with white-colored wines are a fluke, especially a in study that depends on people self-reporting their consuming habits, Gomez reported.


Study: White wine may increase risk of skin cancer