Survivor story: mike cruz*


Survivor story: mike cruz* Shall we be attempting to

On my small Caring Bridge site, my spouse taken our journey into the field of cancer and permitted a number of our buddies and relatives to visit by our side making your way much less lonely and possibly less frightening.

Briefly, everything is:  After many several weeks of misdiagnosis, I had been finally identified as having cancer of the colon on Sept 18, 2008. Inside a week, I entered surgery. A tumor the dimensions of  a coke can was removed, metastases discovered within the lymph nodes and liver, and that i was staged at IV. On November 6, I began FOLFOX. After two models, Avastin was put into the regimen. After four models of chemotherapy, the scan on December 23 demonstrated no metastases. However, because of the rarity of remission in 2 several weeks, the oncologist purchased me on another cycle of chemotherapy. In March, to another four models, the scans reconfirmed the liver and lymph were obvious and that i was declared to stay in remission. However, we ongoing with another cycle of chemotherapy. In June of 2009, scans along with a laparoscopy as well as an inter-operational ultrasound confirmed there weren’t any metastases, and that i continue being in remission.  Currently, The month of january 1, 2010:  ten several weeks of remission.

Clearly, I am unable to explain why the condition required this path within my situation –especially because there are others who’ve been an identical situation, done the majority of things i did to fight cancer, but have experienced less favorable outcomes. You will find individuals who’ve seen this and therefore are convinced it’s divine intervention. Others think that there’s evidence the latest chemotherapy regimens work well in some cases. Others chalk this up to attitude and changes to my diet. Personally, I don’t know. The suggestions above appear probable and improbable. There’s a lot we don’t learn about cancer of the colon (or any cancer for instance), it problematical to inform which parameters are sensitive inside a combat it. Besides, we now have discovered there are two types of cancer of the colon (your garden variety and KRAS – they are now considered different illnesses). Both of them react very differently to chemotherapy. (Incidentally, I’d your garden variety). But the number of more varieties exist? Will be there 600 different varieties, because both versions is essentially different? Shall we be attempting to treat different illnesses with similar treatment? Do a few of these varieties get into spontaneous remission?

Possibly the road the condition required is partly under my control, by which situation I have to share things i did. There have been several factors, which none, some or all led to my finding yourself in remission.  From a to z:

1.    Attitude – for much better or worse, I’ve got a skill of not dwelling on negative encounters. Less charitably, that attitude can be defined as denial. However in this situation, it labored out for me personally. Each piece of not so good news included a wisp of the silver lining which i grabbed and focused upon. For instance, after i was told that  no, it wasn’t stage II and rather it had been stage IV, given that they found small metastases within the liver, I heard SMALL. When 6 from the 33 lymph nodes were positive, I figured from the 27 of 33 which were all right. It had been a significantly simpler journey for me personally – with stage IV, all I possibly could do was improve – an advantage of beginning at the end.

2.    Chemotherapy – FOLFOX+Avastin. (I realize this and FOLFIRI are standard first line strategy to cancer of the colon. I didn’t have FOLFIRI)It was fairly simple on me. The very first round was the most challenging. The following models were well tolerated even though the publish-chemotherapy signs and symptoms grew to become more and more hard to bear because the doses continued. We stopped after eleven treatments after i developed Lhermitte’s syndrome. Lhermitte’s disappeared four several weeks after chemotherapy. The very first ten doses were at 100% and also the 4g iphone at 50%. The neuropathies out of this regimen remain with me  to this day – nine  several weeks after chemotherapy. It’s a minor inconvenience – painful cold sensitivity around the fingers and toes.

3.    Community/Support – It’s been overwhelming, the quantity of community support us has gotten during this period. All the scrumptious food – created using a lot love and caring, time people spent around, shoulders to rely on, the arms and also the hearts which were opened up as much as us, boosted our strength. Within my mind’s eye, I felt like this Verizon guy having a phalanx of incredible minds and hearts behind me when i joined the ring at each chemotherapy session to fight my quivering enemy. I imagined cancer regretting your day it ever joined my body system. It wasn’t ready for a battle against an angry village.

4.    Diet/Supplements – For four several weeks, every single day, my sister-in-law Sarah helped me fresh juice on the Norwalk Juicer. I’d drink eight  16oz. Mason jars of juice each day – 1 gallon of juice – made from carrots, kale, apples, beets, green spinach, and celery – each having a teaspoon of turmeric. Additionally for this, I ended eating meat, dairy and sugar. I’d eat fish and eggs.  I elevated my fiber intake around I possibly could. When it comes to supplements, during chemotherapy, I required AHCC, Vitamin K2 (on recommendation of naturopath), L-Glutamine (to lessen neuropathy), Vitamin D, Curcumin, Eco-friendly tea extract  and multivitamin.  Since finding yourself in remission, I’ve ongoing the multivitamins, curcumin, and vitamin D, and added folate (questionable) and aspirin. I additionally take two portions of water having a tablespoon of psyllium husk in every. I’ve continued to be on my small diet of no meat, no sugar with no dairy – I do not miss them out on another believe I’ll ever eat them again.

5.    Exercise – Before I started chemotherapy, I began on the regular and rigorous exercise program, with the aim of running 20 miles per week. Typically I’d do 15 miles and from time to time 18 miles. During chemotherapy, I’d walk 2-3 miles with my chemotherapy pack and run 3-5 miles the next day chemotherapy. In my opinion this really helped defend against the fatigue that chemotherapy typically leads to. I additionally imagined this pumped the chemotherapy through Every part of my body system. Since that time, my exercise routine continues to be sporadic.

6.    Prayer – There has been many people praying for me personally. My relatives in India offered Novenas and masses and held vigils for me personally. Prayer groups implored. My buddy Mathew laid on the job me in prayer every second day. The romance and concern which i received with the hopes were very moving and effective. The prayer and love which i received would be a constant and great feeling of comfort. My customer page in the CaringBridge site in the above list would be a reservoir or “love-lets” which i came from frequently.

Survivor story: mike cruz* as having cancer of

When I pointed out, all, some or none of those helped within the fight. Only one factor without a doubt: mounting a hostile combat the condition solved the problem be focused and also have a feeling of essential and incredibly obvious purpose, and so i never felt helpless within this fight. That may have been a vital cause of me finding yourself in remission.

The specter of cancer has reduced within my existence due to the remission as well as due to constant vigilance. The diet plan remains without dairy, meat or sugar. I eat little if any processed food.  Meals are more often than not organic. Supplements still fortify me. Household cleansers are nontoxic cooking materials are mainly stainless.

Cancer has additionally left me more deliberate with existence, a 1000 fold more grateful for every minute I devote to my spouse, children, family and buddies.  I do not sweat the little stuff just as much. And That I appreciate individuals their variety. While cancer is really a cruel disease like several existence-taking disease, my experience through it, partially due to individuals around me, continues to be outstanding and beautiful. To visit the edge, to understand how short and precious existence is, after which get another lease … I’m so grateful!

*This can be a pen name, author made a decision to remain anonymous.


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