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Speak to your HCP immediately should you experience the negative effects the following.

Do you know the possible negative effects of Tarceva?

Tarceva may cause serious negative effects, including:

  • Lung problems (known as interstitial lung disease [ILD] occasions). Tarceva continues to be proven to
  • cause lung problems, including dying. Signs and symptoms of lung problems can include difficulty breathing, cough, and fever.

    Tarceva might need to be stopped for those who have these signs and symptoms

  • Kidney and liver problems. Tarceva continues to be proven to result in severe kidney and liver problems,
  • including dying. Many people had their liver and kidneys cease working. Enable your HCP know for those who have past

    liver or kidney disease

  • Stomach and intestinal problems (known as gastrointestinal [GI] perforation). Tarceva continues to be

    proven to result in GI perforation, that has brought to dying. A GI perforation is really a hole that develops inside your stomach

    or intestine. People might be in a greater risk for GI perforation when they:

    • Take medicines including individuals that might help block the development of bloodstream vessels steroids
    • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and certain chemotherapies. Always inform your HCP about any

      medicines you’re taking

    • Have past ulcers or any other stomach disease
    • Serious skin disorders. Tarceva continues to be proven to result in blistering and skin peeling. This
    • may lead to other serious skin conditions or dying

    • Bloodstream, bleeding, and clotting problems. Tarceva continues to be proven to result in certain bloodstream problems along with other bleeding and clotting problems. These have brought to stroke and dying.
    • Eye disorders. Tarceva continues to be proven to result in dry eyes, unusual eye lash growth, or swelling
    • from the cornea. The cornea may be the obvious coating from the eyeball. This swelling may irritate or damage the attention

    • Bleeding occasions when taking warfarin with Tarceva. Inform your HCP if you’re going for a bloodstream thinner, for example warfarin. Taking Tarceva with this particular medicine may cause dying.
    • Pregnancy. Tarceva may damage an developing fetus. Women should use effective contraception during treatment and not less than 30 days following the last dose of Tarceva. Inform your HCP for those who have conceive, or you think you might be pregnant, during treatment with Tarceva. Don’t breast-feed during treatment with Tarceva as well as for 2 days following the final dose.
    • When must i call my HCP while taking Tarceva?

      Call your HCP for those who have:

      • Serious or ongoing diarrhea, nausea (queasy for your stomach), appetite loss, or vomiting
      • New or worsening difficulty breathing or cough
      • Eye diseases
      • New or worsening rash, blistering, or peeling of your skin
      • Any alterations in smoking habits
      • What are the most typical negative effects of Tarceva?

          • In first-line NSCLC treatment:
            • Diarrhea
            • Weakness
            • Rash
            • Cough
            • Difficulty breathing
            • Appetite loss (hesitant to eat)
              • In pancreatic cancer treatment:
                • Fatigue (feeling very tired)
                • Rash
                • Nausea
                • Appetite loss
                • Diarrhea
                • What must i learn about skin (including rash), hair, and nail problems or diarrhea while taking Tarceva?

                  • Skin (including rash):

                    • While taking Tarceva, rash might happen or worsen when the skin is uncovered towards the sun. You might want to use alcohol-free lotions and sunscreens or do not be out under the sun
                    • The skin and nails could get more dark. You may even have dried-out skin that might or might not crack. This most frequently happens with rash
                    • Engage with your HCP if you see a rash. She or he might be able to assist you to keep it in check
                    • Hair and nails:
                      • Hair and nail problems result in patients taking Tarceva. Included in this are elevated hairiness and brittle or loose nails
                      • Diarrhea:
                        • Diarrhea is treatable with antidiarrhea medicine. Your HCP will help you find the correct medicine for you personally
                        • What must i do should i be taking or am prescribed other medicines or supplements while taking Tarceva?

                          • Always inform your HCP about all the medicines and herbal medicines you’re taking
                          • Don’t begin taking any new medicines or herbal medicines before speaking together with your HCP
                          • Avoid eating grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice before speaking together with your HCP
                          • Will smoking affect my treatment with Tarceva?

                            • Should you smoke, you need to quit smoking before you begin treatment with Tarceva
                            • Should you still smoke, your treatment with Tarceva might need to be adjusted. Engage with your HCP should you still smoke
                            • Always engage with your HCP about any negative effects you might have with Tarceva.

                              You might report negative effects towards the Food and drug administration at (800) Food and drug administration-1088 or www.food and drug administration.gov/medwatch. You may even report negative effects to Genentech at (888) 835-2555.

                              Please visit the Tarceva full Prescribing Information for further Important Safety Information.

                              Resourse: http://tarceva.com/patient/

                              Treating EGFR Patients After Tarceva Stops Working