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October is Cancer Of The Breast Awareness Month only one local

agency has known as out several national marketing campaigns and offered a

sweeping critique of so-known as pink ribbon culture, saying it’s a distraction

that exploits women.

Bay Area-based Cancer Of The Breast Action has issued a

detailed statement of methods the ever-present pink ribbons – the symbol for

cancer of the breast awareness and support – are simply an open

relations campaign for businesses that profit from cancer of the breast. Pink

ribbons, BCA claims, do nothing at all to advertise better health in order to save women’s


BCA’s present campaign is really a continuation of their award-winning

"Save Time Before You Pink" campaign – the tagline this season is

"Steer clear of the Distraction."

"Pink ribbons is among the most effective marketing

campaigns ever,Inch BCA executive Director Karuna Jaggar told the Bay

Area Reporter. "Everybody recognizes that it

means cancer of the breast, but couple of people know that it is co-option by

corporations of the idea which originated from a grassroots activist."

Organizations such as the Nfl have became a member of

the pink ribbon campaign recently, with players putting on pink footwear, pink

wristbands, along with other gear on game days through the month. BCA claims the

National football league is distributing misinformation about cancer of the breast by repeating disproven and

misleading assistance with mammography screening in the "Crucial Catch"

campaign. A vacation to the NFL’s website shows a pink ribbon and National football league emblem conspicuously

shown on the page.

Others flog from pink ribbon trinkets to

T-shirts during October.

Jaggar known the pink ribbon campaign as "cause


"Companies earn money by putting pink ribbons on their own

products, therefore gaining consumer loyalty to some company the general public thinks is

doing good," Jaggar stated. "The businesses sell more products whenever a

pink ribbon is onto it. All of this for ladies with cancer of the breast? It really works for

the businesses. Anybody can place a pink ribbon on anything, a hand gun, a


Jaggar stated there’s no transparency about where money

elevated through the pink ribbon campaigns goes, which little goes toward research

or prevention.

"Pink ribbons have hijacked the cancer of the breast movement

by concentrating on awareness," she stated. "It distracts from research on

treatment and results in. This is an outrage that in the end the billions allocated to pink

ribbon products, 40,000 women annually continue to be dying from cancer of the breast."

Something would be that the Pink Ribbon campaign attempts to

pressure women to possess a "positive and peppy" attitude concerning the disease

and attempts to hide the tough realities that include a existence threatening

illness, Jaggar stated. A few of the campaigns sexualize and objectify women inside a

degrading way, like the "Save the Boobies" campaign on Facebook,

the "Save the Tatas" T-shirts now on purchase at Amazon ., and NASCAR’s

"Look at your Headlights" T-shirts.

"We are speaking in regards to a deadly disease," stated

Jaggar. "In the finish during the day we have to recognition what cancer of the breast really

seems like.Inch

Jaggar really wants to see much more of a concentrate on the possible

ecological reasons for cancer of the breast, treatments that save lives without

mutilating women’s physiques, and preventative medicine.

And perhaps, the marketing campaigns may prove dangerous.

For instance, Jaggar stated that Alhambra Water is selling plastic polycarbonate

water bottles which contain BPA, a hormone-disrupting chemical associated with breast


Additionally towards the National football league and Alhambra, BCA has known as out

other companies, including Kohl’s "Pink Elephant within the roomInch

promotion Hooters, which perpetuates the storyline of the items BCA calls

"triumphant survivorship according to positive thinking, beauty advice, and

sanitized, carefully selected pictures of women" and Oriental Buying and selling

Company, which BCA states is "distributing empty awareness via its endless

way to obtain plastic pink ribbon trinkets – the organization pockets all of the

money from all of these sales."

No companies pointed out in BCA’s campaign came back

messages seeking comment.

"Pink ribbon culture has unsuccessful to deal with and finish the

cancer of the breast epidemic and get health justice for those women despite more

than twenty years of pink ribbon marketing and awareness campaigns," Jaggar


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