What’s rate of survival of invasive ductal carcinoma – cancer of the breast question

Appreciate your inspiration, I’ve stage 3, phase 3 of this sort of cancer, today I receive my fifth from 6 chemotherapy treatments, Surgical treatment is next. My tumor was HUGE. She was not able to identify my huge tumor any more by hands which surprised me, I’ve 2 kids and am just one Mother and so i cried a lot. I’m scared of radiation, can you suggest radiation? I’m mixing altering diet (as sugar, pesticides, meat, dairy, etc.) are very toxic as well as I’ve been taking vitamins, multivitamins as well as greater doses of the majority of the other vitamins aside from calcium. Anybody with any type of cancer please seek information on homeopathic methods, I’m not recommending that you employ it just as that’s a decision that’s highly personal and depends much around the individual (I’ve read lots who did it just the homeopathic route and survived i often hear some who’ve went that route and didn’t, But far away they’re making lots of progress and you will find products you can purchase that will help you heal. I suggest it Radical Remission, a lady who spent ten years studying people told to go home to die either simply because they unsuccessful Western medicine or were considered far too late to deal with—the lots of people who survived and many are CURED when given a couple of days to 1 yr to reside–and a few happen to be alive because the 1970’s after because of the dying sentence, she studied these survivors around the globe, the things they did, the things they been on common, the best way to boost your odds of survival dramatically it doesn’t matter what stage and no matter what sort of cancer you’ve. I only eat organic, basically eat meat or dairy then it’s little only and for free range organically given creatures–everybody differs but 97 percent of cancer of the breast patients cash pesticides within their breast growth so lessen the toxic overload without a doubt! Best of luck all going through this like me.

April 17, 2017 – 7:35am

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