Liposuction in San Pedro, CA: Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to have a well-shaped body, become fit, and be attractive? Thinking about a liposuction procedure to resolve the problem in a short time? But, you’re afraid of any surgical interventions and postoperative treatment and healing? Then, laser liposuction at SkinWorks medical service will be a perfect option for you to get rid of stubborn fat deposits once and for all.


Laser liposuction or laser lipolysis is a tolerable non-invasive procedure to eliminate fat pockets. Like surgical liposuction, it helps to permanently kill fat cells in problematic areas. Although, unlike surgical invasion, laser lipo is less painful and not so difficult to perform, with fewer chances to get loose skin and troublesome recovery.


Compared to traditional liposuction, its laser alternative doesn’t require anesthesia, so patients can return to their duties and activities just after the procedure.

10 Things to Know and 10 Questions to Ask Before the Procedure

There are lots of questions that can matter to a person before the laser lipo, particularly if they experience it for the first time. The team of the San Pedro cosmetic clinic SkinWorks prepared for you a consistent list of the most important facts every patient should know before visiting a laser lipo doctor:


  1. The procedure includes the use of paddle-like applicators attached to the treated body area. The heat emitted from the applicators damages fat cells, so they die off. 

  2. The length of the laser lipo procedure is around 30 minutes, although to see the noticeable outcomes, you need to have such procedures for six weeks.

  3. Unlike plastic surgery, the recovery after laser lipolysis is normal: you can continue your activities just after the treatment.

  4. During the healing period, a patient can have minor swelling and skin redness.

  5. Laser lipo is perfect for removing fat from the flanks, back, belly, and inner and outer thighs.

  6. Laser technology stimulates collagen production, that’s why the skin becomes more tightened.

  7. It requires only local anesthesia.

  8. Little to no tissue damage, low risk of blood loss.

  9. Maintain an aesthetic look by doing exercises regularly and following a healthy lifestyle.

  10. Getting a long-lasting effect you’ll enjoy by adhering to proper aftercare.


Additionally, you can ask our qualified surgeons and general practitioners any questions disturbing you regarding laser liposuction. We prepared an approximate list of issues that may interest you before the laser lipolysis:


  1. Whether laser lipo effective to fight fat deposits?

  2. What is the duration of the procedure?

  3. Are there specific requirements to undergo laser liposuction?

  4. Is there any discomfort during the laser session?

  5. Whether laser lipo better than traditional liposuction? 

  6. What therapy should be done after the session?

  7. Is there an infection risk during laser liposuction?

  8. Will I get rid of fat pockets after the laser lipo session?

  9. How many procedures are required to gain the desired effect?

  10. What treatment measures a doctor prescribes to do after laser liposuction?


So, if you’re against the idea of going under the knife to get your perfect body, pay attention to the laser liposuction without any surgical invasion that won’t cause pain. If you’re located in San Pedro, CA, we offer you to contact SkinWorks medical services center and get a high-quality consultation with an accredited laser lipo expert.