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  • Cancer Of The Lung Alliance
  • Information and referral service clarified by trained health care professionals.


    • CancerCare
    • Brought by CancerCare oncology social workers at offices in New You are able to City, Lengthy Island, Nj and Connecticut.


      • American Lung Association
      • The Lung Connection is definitely an network for those who live with lung disease in addition to their families and caregivers.

      • The Bonnie J. Addario Cancer Of The Lung Foundation
      • CancerCare
      • Online organizations are brought by oncology social workers. People must undergo a registration process. After finishing the registration process people can participate 24 hrs, seven days a week.

      • Citizens For Radioactive Radon Reduction
      • Info on radon/radon-caused cancer of the lung and information about how to locate professional radon testers and mitigators.

      • Cancer Of The Lung Alliance
        • Lung Love Link is definitely an network backed through the Cancer Of The Lung Alliance linking you to definitely sources and support within the cancer of the lung community.
        • LUNGevity’s Cancer Of The Lung Support Community (LCSC)
        • The very first online support community for individuals impacted by cancer of the lung, we’ve greater than 406,000 postings and shut to 11,000 registered people..

          PEER-TO-PEER SUPPORT PROGRAMS (Patients & Caregivers)

          • American Lung Association
          • American Lung Association Better Breathers Clubs is really a community-based patient and caregiver support program for those who have lung disease and themselves.

          • The Bonnie J. Addario Cancer Of The Lung Foundation
          • We connect patients-to-patients through our monthly Family Room Series support group.

          • Cancer Of The Lung Alliance
          • Phone Buddy Program provides peer-to-peer support for those who have cancer of the lung as well as their caregivers on the phone.

            • Lung Love Link
            • This network backed through the Cancer Of The Lung Alliance will link participants to sources and support within the cancer of the lung community.

            • Grief and Understanding In Dying and Finish-of-existence Support (GUIDES) Program
            • A peer-to-peer program for caregivers whose family member reaches the finish of existence or has died

            • LUNGevity
            • Cancer Of The Lung Support Community (LCSC) is really a dedicated social networking offering support to anybody touched by cancer of the lung. It offers users by having an extensive forum, the most recent cancer of the lung information, and 24-hour peer support. LifeLine Support Partners are cancer of the lung survivors or co-survivors (family people and caregivers) who volunteer to mentor by providing encouragement, advice, experience, and aspire to individuals recently diagnosed and anybody requiring additional support via a one-on-one personal connection, by email or telephone.

              Teaching Programs

              Check out individual member websites for program content and schedules.

              IN-PERSON Teaching Programs

              • American Lung Association
              • The Bonnie J. Addario Cancer Of The Lung Foundation
              • Family Room Series monthly organizations come with an educational and patient empowerment component via presentations and knowledge exchange via cancer of the lung clinicians, researchers and skillfully developed.
              • CancerCare
              • Liberated to Breathe
              • Cancer Of The Lung Circle of Hope
              • LUNGevity
              • Cancer Of The Lung 101 comprehensive website resource, national and regional HOPE Summits, educational programs through our partnership with Patient Power, educational videos featuring experts within the field, and downloadable publications.

              • Cancer Of The Lung Research Foundation
              • Respiratory system Health Association


                • CancerCare
                • Liberated to Breathe
                • LUNGevity
                • Original Publications

                  Many LungCAN member organizations offer booklets, brochures and newsletters. Some can be found online.

                  • American Lung Association
                  • Details About Cancer Of The Lung

                    Details About Radon

                    Caregiver’s Guide for Chronic Lung Disease

                  • Bonnie J. Addario Cancer Of The Lung Foundation
                  • Comprehensive Patient Guide

                  • CancerCare
                  • Your Best Guide towards the Latest Cancer Research and coverings: Highlights from 2011 Annual Meeting of ASCO

                    Cancer Of The Lung: New Tools to make Decisions About Treatment

                    Progress in treating Cancer Of The Lung

                  • Caring Ambassadors Cancer Of The Lung Program
                  • Cancer Of The Lung Choices 3rd Edition

                  • Citizens For Radioactive Radon Reduction
                  • Numerous articles associated with radon and cancer of the lung on website

                  • Liberated to Breathe
                  • Coping With an analysis of Cancer Of The Lung (British & Spanish)

                    The Cancer Of The Lung Voice e-newsletter

                    Tales of Strength: Deciding to go in a Cancer Of The Lung Medical Trial (video) (British & Spanish)

                    What you ought to learn about Molecular Tumor Testing

                    Fact Sheets

                    Cancer Of The Lung Signs and symptoms Bookmark

                  • Cancer Of The Lung Alliance
                  • Understanding Cancer Of The Lung: Insights into non-small cell cancer of the lung and also the latest treatments

                    Understanding Small Cell Cancer Of The Lung: Helpful information for that patient

                  • Cancer Of The Lung First step toward America
                  • Targeted Therapy Questions and Solutions

                  • LUNGevity
                  • Clinical Trials  


                    Targeted Cancer Therapy 

                    Squamous Cell Lung Cancer  

                    Lung Adenocarcinoma

                  • Respiratory system Health Association of Metro Chicago
                  • What you ought to learn about Cancer Of The Lung series

                    Financial Help

                    The next LungCAN member organizations help patients as well as their families manage the expense of cancer of the lung – from hospital bills and co-payments to transportation, treatment, home healthcare plus much more:

                    • CancerCare
                      • (financial help for transportation to treatment, childcare expenses, maintenance expenses)
                      • (for medication for selected diagnoses)
                      • John Atkinson Cancer Of The Lung Foundation (offers scholarships to patient’s children)
                      • Resourse:

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