Alternative cancer of the breast treatments – reversed stage iv by 50 percent several weeks


(UPDATE 4/29/13:  CORINNE BRUCE REPORTS THAT HER CA 15-3 Has Become Within The NORMAL RANGE! To The Storyline …)

Everyone knows the storyline of why chemotherapy and radiation aren’t the very best selections for cancer, especially advanced cases.  But do alternative cancer of the breast treatments work in advanced Stage IV metastatic disease?  We must use Corinne Bruce’s story to exhibit how that’s indeed the situation.

Corinne found Hope4Cancer Institute in Feb 2013 having a situation of Stage IV cancer of the breast which had spread towards the bones.  Her belief in alternative cancer of the breast treatments brought her Hope4Cancer Institute.

Alternative Cancer Of The Breast Treatments For Action

Her story to date is brief and sweet.  It is better when we allow her to express it in their words:

I had been initially diagnoCorinne Bruce - Alternative Breast Cancer Treatmentssed with Stage II cancer of the breast in October 2012, at 45 years of age.  The doctors explained my options of chemotherapy, radiation and potential surgeries however, I desired to possess a PET scan since there was something worrisome on my small MRI.

It might appear odd to see that I’m grateful the PET scan indicated metastases to my bone, thus putting me at Stage IV cancer however i do feel grateful since it needed me to check out alternative treatments more seriously.

I visited Hope4Cancer in Feb 2013 coupled with my CA 15-3 cancer marker of 194 (normal range for that CA 15-3 is zero to 35).   It’s now April of 2013 -eight days later- and that i have cancer markers at 39!

I am unable to say enough concerning the physicians and nurses, at Hope4Cancer–the professionalism, the method of treatments, how you are treated in general person is really a outstanding and healing experience.  The support you get all the staff–from individuals who clean the ability as well as your room, to those who juice vegetables, to individuals who ready your meals and make sure that you get the dietary balance you need – I attribute my success to these.

Alternative or Conventional?  You Have To Know This

Alternative Cancer TreatmentsCan everybody have a similar story?  Not always.  People react to treatments at different rates, and that’s something which people need to comprehend about treating cancer, even if they will use various ways.  Everyone’s is different.Cancers are various and the way they communicate and react to your body’s “prodding” is important.

Although Corinne’s figures look phenomenal, she still must continue her treatments lengthy term inside a disciplined manner to make sure that she will claim a complete victory.  Doing your treatments with the proper guidance and following all of the steps, like Corinne is doing, is prime to success.

Let’s explore a few of the advantages of going alternative versus. conventional:

  • Non-Toxic.  Our treatments don’t add toxins or radiation towards the body.
  • No Physical Damage.  Unlike chemotherapy that may behave like a poison or radiation capable of burning and kill healthy cells in addition to cancer cells, alternative remedies are gentle and stimulate your body to heal itself.
  • Better Survival Prognosis.   Many in our cancer of the breast survivors survive to reside happy and productive lives.  In the traditional world the storyline is slightly different.  Breast cancer mortality rates happen to be going lower although not since the remedies are working, speculate early recognition is improving.   Because the cancer progresses, your choices get really limited. Based on the American Cancer Society, the five-year rate of survival for Stage IV cancer of the breast is lower at 15% using conventional therapies. 
  • Decreased Inclination towards Recurrence along with other Infections.  Most chemotherapy simply kills the defense mechanisms.  That is really a paradox in cancer treatments, because the only method your body understands how to combat cancer is to apply its defense mechanisms!  Our treatments don’t suppress the defense mechanisms, rather … they construct it up.
  • Improved Quality of Existence.    Exactly what is a existence if every moment you reside you are feeling like dying?  Our treatments don’t cause lengthy term negative effects.  In traditional medicine, lengthy term chemotherapy makes existence intolerable for cancer of the breast survivors.  Read our article about how adjuvant cancer of the breast treatments for example aromatase inhibitors (wordwide sales of $3.5 billion annually) may cause lengthy-term harm to patient’s lives.  Hope4Cancer’s goal would be to cut you loose when you are better, to be able to live your existence!
  • We can embark upon, but lets stop for now.  You may also read how alternative cancer of the breast remedies are helping Tamara overcome cancer, in addition to her daughter’s perspective about how she and her mother will work together to beat.   We expect to getting you updates on these amazing people (yet others too) because they continue their combat the travesty known as cancer.

    (This short article and testimonial, such as the patient’s image, is printed using the express consent from the patient.  Protecting your privacy is important to all of us, we can’t publish any details about someone without their permission.)


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