Cancer of the breast diet during taxol (paclitaxel) chemotherapy


Cancer of the breast diet during taxol (paclitaxel) chemotherapy Aqueous and Ethanolic

Sulforaphane improves the anticancer activity of taxanes against triple negative cancer of the breast by killing cancer stem cells

Enhanced dental bioavailability of docetaxel in rats coupled with myricetin: In situ as well as in vivo evidences

Clementine juice has the opportunity of drug interactions – In vitro comparison with grapefruit and mandarin juice

Results of Jia-Wei-Xiao-Yao-San around the Peripheral and Lymphatic Pharmacokinetics of Paclitaxel in Rats

Combination Therapy using Co-encapsulated Resveratrol and Paclitaxel in Liposomes for Drug Resistance Reversal in Cancer Of The Breast Cells in vivo

β-carotene reverses multidrug resistant cancer cells by selectively modulating human P-glycoprotein function

Paclitaxel and also the nutritional flavonoid fisetin: a synergistic combination that induces mitotic catastrophe and autophagic cell dying in A549 non-small cell cancer of the lung cells

Combination between Taxol-Encapsulated Liposomes and Eruca sativa Seed Extract Suppresses Mammary Tumors in Female Rats Caused by 7,12 Dimethylbenz(α)anthracene

Synergistic Apoptotic Aftereffect of Crocin and Paclitaxel or Crocin and Radiation on MCF-7 Cells, a kind of Cancer Of The Breast Cell Line

The mixture of thymoquinone and paclitaxel shows anti-tumor activity with the interplay with apoptosis network in triple-negative cancer of the breast

Biobran/MGN-3, arabinoxylan from grain bran, sensitizes breast adenocarcinoma tumor cells to paclitaxol in rodents

Improving therapeutic effectiveness of Docetaxel in cancer of the breast

Combined aftereffect of paclitaxel and piperine on the MCF-7 cancer of the breast cell line in vitro: proof of a synergistic interaction

Elevated Plasma Amounts of Chemoresistance-Inducing Essential Fatty Acid 16:4(n-3) After Use of Fish and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Peanut agglutinin appearance within the bloodstream circulation after peanut ingestion mimics the act of endogenous galectin-3 to advertise metastasis by interaction with cancer-connected MUC1

Resveratrol Augments Paclitaxel Treatment in MDA-MB-231 and Paclitaxel-resistant MDA-MB-231 Cancer Of The Breast Cells

Comparison from the Cytotoxicity of Aqueous and Ethanolic Extracts of Saffron (Crocus sativus L) with Paclitaxel like a Chemotherapy Drug in Cancer Of The Breast Cell Line

Caffeine inhibits paclitaxel‑induced apoptosis in colorectal cancer cells with the upregulation of Mcl‑1 levels

Protective Aftereffect of Caffeic Acidity on Paclitaxel Caused Anti-Proliferation and Apoptosis of Cancer Of The Lung Cells Involves NF-κB Path

Genistein inversely affects tubulin-binding agent-caused apoptosis in human cancer of the breast cells


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