Cancer of the prostate survivor advocates eating healthily and workout


Cancer of the prostate survivor advocates eating healthily and workout awaken each morning

Arthur Fowle hasn’t were built with a weight problem, so he accustomed to eat whatever he wanted and didn’t be worried about getting physical exercise. Which was before he was identified as having aggressive cancer of the prostate at 59. Now, after surgery and chemo, Fowle stays with a minimal-fat diet which includes plenty of vegetables and fruit and whole grain products, and that he avoids steak (beef, pork, and lamb). He calculates in a gym five days per week. More and more, research has shown that eating healthily and looking after an energetic lifestyle following a cancer diagnosis can lower the likelihood of cancer returning.

Fowle stated, “I can accept dying from cancer of the prostate. I am unable to do without doing everything I’m able to to reside the healthiest and longest existence possible.”

A hostile cancer

Fowle’s cancer of the prostate was diagnosed via a biopsy in August 2007. His Gleason score was 8, meaning cancer was prone to grow and spread rapidly. His urologist suggested surgery, and Fowle wanted it done immediately, however it wasn’t scheduled until 2 several weeks later. Fowle stated awaiting the surgery was difficult. He stated, “I learned it’s be quick and wait. Which was somewhat frustrating.”

The surgery to get rid of Fowle’s prostate went well, and that he had couple of complications together with his recovery. But in regards to a year later, his PSA levels started to increase, a sign some cancer of the prostate cells continued to be in the body. He experienced radiation treatments, that they tolerated well. His PSA dropped below .1, but in regards to a year later, it started to increase again. Doctors made the decision to keep close track of things for the time being through regular checkups before recommending further treatment.

Fowle stated, “That was most likely the worst time I ever experienced since i understood enough to understand I had been tied to this factor throughout my existence. It had been just like a start working the stomach.”

‘I needed to do something’

In October 2010, to another disappointing PSA result, Fowle made the decision he couldn’t sit around feeling sorry for themself he’d to behave. He started studying books and articles about cancer of the prostate and speaking to doctors and nutritionists.

He developed their own dieting and exercise program and follows it faithfully. An average breakfast is unsweetened whole-grain cereal with soy milk, berries, tea, juice, and vegetable juice. An average lunch is really a poultry sandwich on whole-wheat bread, fresh fruit and veggies, nuts, and vegetable and fruit juice. For supper, he eats grilled or baked chicken, poultry, or fish fruit and veggies and drinking water. He avoids steak, salt, sugar, and foods that are fried. Also, he takes several supplements, that they put into his diet after asking a medical facility nutritionist regarding their risks and benefits.

Most days he lifts weights, will get cardiovascular exercise with an elliptical trainer, and practices yoga. He plays golf and would go to the driving range a couple of occasions per week.

Fowle stated, “The minute I began the program it’s similar to overnight my entire attitude altered. I’d awaken each morning, eat breakfast, and feel I had been doing something great for myself.”

Advocate for awareness


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