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Cancer is definitely an ultimate imbalance of three powers (Air, Fire, and Earth) within our body.  The result of those imbalanced powers leads to irregular formation of cells (cancer). First these cells accumulate to create an unrecognized and non-functional growth, second the development is “cooked” (cells mature while increasing in figures), and third the irregular cells spread- leave their original location and therefore are transported with other locations in your body.  Today typically the most popular approach to destroy these cells is Chemotherapy.  Regrettably, together with destroying cancer cells, additionally, it destroys good cells plus generates excessive toxins and undesirable negative effects. So you should offer the body during chemotherapy having a right chemotherapy diet that will not just help the body to get rid of toxins, but additionally wouldn’t create additional toxins.

woman after chemotherapyAyurveda Cancer Research completed in India discovered this type of chemotherapy diet that demonstrated very promising results. While flushing toxins can be achieved with this particular diet, but it’s not sure just how much the dietary plan works well for NOT growing new cancer cells.  After the chemotherapy, in certain cancer patients the development stops as well as in many others it doesn’t.  This remains a mystery.  But please be aware here, physical factors aren’t the only ones influencing the cells of cancer growth, you will find psychosomatic factors which are unique to every person will also be influencing cancer manifestation.

The chemotherapy diet guidelines provided listed here are particularly for during as well as for 4-6 several weeks following the chemotherapy.  With a few adjustments according to person’s unique condition & mind-body metabolic rate, the dietary plan for chemotherapy can be used basics for creating a new diet which might prevent cancer later on and promote natural overall health for years to come.

Detailed Outline of Chemotherapy Diet After and during

General diet suggestions:

AVOID: Heavy oily, Sugar wealthy, Cold drinks and Junk fried food, Alcohol.

Do Highlight on warm adding nourishment to hardly any spice foods, only vegetables – gently sautéed or steamed.   Always consume tepid to warm water.

Specific Food Selections:

Grains: Oatmeal, Quinoa, Barley, Basmati Grain (baked, steamed, steamed or roasted)

Vegetables: Bitter Melon, Pumpkin, Snake Gourd, Cabbage, Okra.  Above vegetables ALWAYS COOKED (No Raw) mix with radish, and/or carrot, and/or beetroot. Prepare with  fresh ginger root, coriander, pepper and ghee (use ghee in little amount)

Salads: Radish, beetroot, cabbage, leafy vegetables, carrot + fresh lemon juice, Rock Salt, & Pepper.

Legumes:  Moong Beans steamed with ginger root, cumin, pepper, rock salt, and ghee. (use ghee in little amount- a maximum of 1 teaspoon in a single meal)

Non Vegetarian Soup only: (Only when you’ll want non-veg and may digest during chemotherapy, otherwise after chemotherapy) Liver soup, Goat or lamb bone marrow soup

Spices: Rock salt, fresh ginger root, coriander, pepper, garlic clove, turmeric.

Fruits: Avoid Sweat fruits.  Limited on Sour fruits  More about Bitter and Astringent tasting fruits like Pomegranate, cranberry, berries, Apples, Apricot, cherries, Dry Fruits-Rasins, Prunes, Figs, Dates

Oils: Sunflower only

Teas:   Make grated ginger root (1/2 teaspoon) + lemon grass 1 leaf + tulsi leaves 4-5 + 2 cups water Boil it to half and drink evening and morning

Beverages: ½ dairy + ½ water + ginger root powder, or buttermilk with pinch of ginger root powder and salt

Juice everyday: 2 carrots completely scrubbed & washed, cup of apricot juice, ½ teaspoon lime juice, 1 teaspoon fresh grated ginger root, and three mint leaves

Note: Take all fruits and fresh fruit juices half an hour prior to the meals or 1 hour 30 minutes following the meals.

thirty days Following the Chemotherapy when the appetite has returned or wait until appetite returns:

Add 2000mg of Triphala each with dinner and lunch

Note a patient must consult and monitor their situation using their physician and talk to the Ayurvedic specialist prior to making diet changes.

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