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Hormone therapy: could it be best for you? - mayo clinic usually prescribed together

Even though the Fda (Food and drug administration) still approves oestrogen to prevent the bone-thinning disease known as brittle bones, doctors usually recommend medications known as bisphosphonates to deal with brittle bones.

  • Low-dose vaginal products. Low-dose vaginal formulations of oestrogen — that can come in cream, tablet or ring form — can effectively treat vaginal signs and symptoms and a few urinary signs and symptoms, while minimizing absorption in to the body. Low-dose vaginal formulations don’t assist with menopausal flashes, sweating or protection against brittle bones.
  • Lengthy-term systemic hormone therapy to prevent postmenopausal conditions is not routinely suggested. However, many data claim that oestrogen can decrease the chance of cardiovascular disease when taken at the start of postmenopausal years.

    A current, randomized, controlled medical trial — the Kronos Early Oestrogen Prevention Study (KEEPS) — explored oestrogen use and cardiovascular disease in more youthful postmenopausal women. The research found no significant association between hormone therapy and cardiovascular disease.

    Hormone therapy: could it be best for you? - mayo clinic oestrogen can decrease the chance

    For ladies who haven’t had their uterus removed, oestrogen is usually prescribed together with progesterone or progestin (progesterone-like medication). It is because oestrogen alone, if not balanced by progesterone, can stimulate development of the liner from the uterus, growing the chance of uterine cancer. Women who’ve had their uterus removed (hysterectomy) don’t have to take progestin.

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