Save the ladies, and not the ta-ta’s


As many folks know, October is National Cancer Of The Breast Awareness Month. For just one month annually, the colour pink generally is everywhere. Cheerleaders use pink pom-poms, people put on pink ribbons and shirts, sportsmen put on pink socks, and Facebook is flooded with shared pictures and statuses letting people know that it’s, actually, National Cancer Of The Breast Awareness Month. Don’t misunderstand me- it’s great that individuals are getting awareness for this awful disease. What are these “campaigns” really doing?

One of the most popular campaigns involving cancer of the breast awareness may be the “Wear Pink” campaign. Putting on pink is good and well, what will it really do? Yes, it supports individuals who’ve or had cancer of the breast, and that’s great. But are going to not only put on pink. Rather of simply asking fans to put on pink and getting cheerleaders and sportsmen put on pink hair ribbons and socks, schools wanting to bring awareness to cancer of the breast can perform a lot more. What about donating some of ticket sales to cancer of the breast research or establishing a booth giving women details about mammograms and cancer of the breast risks? Companies that permit their workers to put on pink may also donate some of sales on a single particular day-to cancer of the breast non profit organizations. We are able to, and really should, do not only put on pink.

Not very lengthy ago, a picture sprang on my Facebook news feed. This picture (seen below) demonstrated a lady together with her back toward your camera holding her bra up in mid-air and marketed “No Bra Day” and “set[ting] the ta-ta’s free” on October 13th in “support [of] cancer of the breast.”

Honestly, this picture helped me angry. Exactly what does not putting on a bra do in order to offer the women with this particular existence threatening, awful disease? What’s the purpose? I’ll let you know. It will practically nothing but sexualize cancer of the breast making it concerning the “ta-tas” rather from the women themselves. I know a lot of you’ve also seen the phrases “save the ta-ta’s,” “save the boobies,” and “save second base.” These campaigns appear mainly throughout the month of October, and try to bring awareness to cancer of the breast. Rather, In my opinion they’re just sexualizing the condition. The press and, consequently, the majority of the cancer of the breast awareness movement has unintentionally made cancer of the breast awareness much more about the chest compared to women themselves. In her own article "My Disease Is not a Cutesy Slogan," cancer of the breast survivor Lara Huffman stated

"After hearing all of them make sure I ought to indeed possess the surgery, I did not take a look at them and say, ‘No, I do not accept your recommendations. You discover a method in order to save my breasts. You hear me, physician? Whatever needs doing, and that i mean whatever, it will save you my breasts!’ Absolutely not.Inch

The ladies coping with and surviving cancer of the breast, and all sorts of women actually, are not only a set of breasts. They’re not only mounds of fat on their own chest that grew to become sexualized for reasons uknown. They’re moms, siblings, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and buddies. Those are the people they love, whatever they do, the minds they’ve, and whatever they believe.

Exactly what do we all do to alter the sexualization of cancer of the breast campaigns? We are able to get rid of the “save the ta-ta’s” shirts and bracelets and prevent buying these products. We are able to rather provide the money we’d invest in an arbitrary pink shirt to “raise awareness” for an organization that provides the cash to cancer of the breast research (and never a Chief executive officer). We are able to stop discussing “No Bra Day” and “save the boobies” pictures on Facebook. We are able to rather share info on mammograms and also the tales of ladies who survive cancer of the breast. We are able to share their strengths, their tales, as well as their lives. Together, like a society, we are able to save the ladies- not only the “ta-ta’s.”


Save the Tatas!