Save the tatas – here’ go again!


Exactly why is there this notion that we have to make light of breasts/cancer to seize the interestOrbucks from the public?

For me, when cancer of the breast fundraiser organizations depend around the heavy utilization of sexy and lightweight-hearted campaigns, the campaigns finish up being a distraction. Like my very wise daughter stated in my experience lately, “Most people don’t take these types of campaigns seriously anyway.” Well, within lies area of the problem! Another problem, unintentionally produced, is when people buy  these products, they often hold on there, thinking they’ve done operator. Evidence shows further charitable contributions tend to stop. People not give further with other organizations more heavily committed to worthy (worthier) causes, like research.

Additionally, with heavy concentrate on breast self-exams and awareness such organizations again, perhaps unintentionally, mislead people into believing this really is enough, when clearly it’s not. This stuff are important and have to be addressed, however, we need more. Worse, they desensitize individuals to the significance of the disease and lead to sexualizing it. Cancer of the breast appears is the disease society is allowing to become sexualized every day. For an additional superb publish about this aspect, please read Beth’s (admittedly significantly less wordy than mine) commentary at Calling the Shots.

A week ago I had been contacted through the Save the Ta-Tas organization. The spokesperson was genuinely thinking about my ideas and professionally stated in my experience they are doing funnel dollars to analyze. I wish to thank her to take time to check out blog as well as for requesting my ideas. I appreciate that.

I applaud them for funneling dollars toward reseach, although I don’t think they funnel nearly enough.

Next contact I visited their Facebook site, but was immediately bothered through the latest special each week, a t-shirt that stated, “big or small, save all of them, save the tatas.” It helped me uncomfortable  angry because studying this type of thing feels just like a giant step backward for ladies, all women, not only women with cancer.  

I understand people who support these tactics and disagree beside me will say such things as, “to each their very own, don’t purchase it should you not enjoy it, que sera sera, obtain a existence, get a feeling of humor, go on,Inches and way worse.

Honestly, that’s OK, I’m able to go.

What I can’t do is support or accept this kind of slogan, name or title. This specific organization requested in my ideas and feelings, so I’m providing them.

And That I have to keep asking, exactly why is there this want to use words like boobies, hooters and tatas anyway within the serious arena of cancer of the breast fundraiser?

Does which make me too sensitive? Maybe. Most likely. In the end, I possibly could not save my tatas, not basically wanted an improved chance in a longer existence. Ironically, my mother did save her tatas, although not her existence.

Simply because I do not such as the name, shouldn’t others have the ability to decide upon themselves? Obviously!!

However when can we move beyond this light-hearted approach? When can we achieve meaningful advancements in real prevention, recognition, more humane treatments and eventually a remedy?

When will society want require more?

Meanwhile, is it feasible for fundraiser organizations to think about making small adjustments in their campaign tactics?

Is it feasible to allow them to consider channeling dollars, or even more dollars, to analyze to have an actual cure?

Is change possible?

A minimum of the conversation takes place. That’s how change starts.

I’m done again, for now at least. Of course, I think you’ll will share your ideas and comments.

How can you experience this kind of awareness campaign?


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