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Nodular melanoma, type of cancer of the skin that grow 4x quicker than others, has doctors warning patients: what you need to know

An individual’s chance of developing melanoma increases following prolonged contact with Ultra violet radiation, something we ought to all consider with Memorial Day weekend and beach season under per week away. Australian dermatologists are actually telling patients to obtain all bumps, pimples, and moles checked by their doctors to be certain they haven’t yet developed …

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How quickly does nodular melanoma spread? – cancer: skin forum – healthboards

Contents Mole Misdiagnosis: When It's Really Stage IV Skin Cancer As Larskri has mentioned, the issue with nodular melanoma is it grows vertically, instead of horizontally, meaning it grows lower in to the skin. However, how quickly melanoma might spread towards the lymph nodes cannot be based upon stating that it’ll take 30 days or …

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