Medical meaning of oestrogen substitute therapy (ert)


Oestrogen substitute therapy (ERT): a kind of therapy with oestrogen hormones most generally accustomed to treat the signs and symptoms of menopause. It cuts down on or stops rapid-term changes of menopause for example menopausal flashes, disturbed sleep, and vaginal dryness. Oestrogen substitute treatments are considered to assist in preventing brittle bones, due to decreased oestrogen levels. Oestrogen therapy has more lately been known without using the word "substitute" and it is simply known as oestrogen therapy or oestrogen therapy.

While oestrogen therapy might help prevent brittle bones, it’s been considered to be connected with health problems in certain populations. Particularly, the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) data in 2002 demonstrated that oestrogen therapy alone in menopause brought for an elevated risk for strokes and thrombus. However, the ladies within this study were older along with other studies have recommended a potential protective effect against cardiovascular disease when taken at the start of the postmenopausal years. The definitive health problems and advantages of oestrogen therapy haven’t yet been fully characterised. Vaginal oestrogen therapy products assist with vaginal dryness, more serious vaginal changes, and bladder effects but, since hardly any vaginal oestrogen enters the circulation, it might not assist with menopausal flashes or prevent brittle bones .

Using unopposed oestrogen therapy (oestrogen therapy alone without progesterone) is connected with a rise in the chance of endometrial cancer (cancer from the lining from the uterus). However, if you take the hormone progestogen together with oestrogen, the chance of endometrial cancer is reduced substantially. Progestogen protects the uterus by continuing to keep the endometrium from thickening (an impact brought on by oestrogen). The mixture therapy of oestrogen plus progestogen is known as hormone therapy (HT, also formerly referred to as hormone substitute therapy or HRT).

The choice to take oestrogen therapy or hormone treatments are best made plus a healthcare specialist who are able to help explain the hazards and benefits on the situation-by-situation basis. Oestrogen therapy might not be suitable for all ladies, for instance, women with cancer of the breast, cardiovascular disease, or past thrombus.

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