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NantHealth accepts most insurance coverage, including Medicare, but is presently no in-network laboratory with most individual insurance firms–. We’ll carry out the services purchased and considered medically essential for all patients whose physicians think about the test to become medically necessary no matter our network status. We’re dedicated to assisting physicians as well as their patients by streamlining the insurance coverage billing process and restricting patient out-of-pocket expenses, when appropriate with the NantAccess Program for underinsured and uninsured patients. Please contact the Gps navigation Care Center to learn more regarding reimbursement.

Upon request, we’ll use insurance providers in your patients’ account to find out believed out-of-pocket responsibility and/or complete any prior authorization needs, as numerous insurers will consider reimbursement on the patient-by-patient basis. We’ll submit claims, and when claims is denied, NantHealth will manage the appeal. The appeals process may need more information in the patient or a relative and in the doctor. This might include accessing patient records or perhaps a Letter of Medical Necessity. Our goal would be to keep such demands to a great minimum.

After appeals happen to be exhausted and pending financial help status, we’re needed legally to bill the individual for that amount shown by the patient’s contracted health plan, based on the the particular benefits. Should some insurance company deny or only partly cover claims, we’ll help determine the patient’s responsibility. For uninsured or underinsured patients or individuals experiencing financial difficulty, NantHealth offers comprehensive financial help, according to financial eligibility.

Our representatives are for sale to answer patient financial and insurance questions before, during, after the testing process. Patients can call 1-844-MY-OMICS for help.

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