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STAGE 4 METS, along with a very weird pattern of Cancer as you would expect.InchDo not Quit The BattleInch!! In 2000 my sister had cancer of the colon, she’d surgery with no chemotherapy following, 11 yrs later cancer came during the lung,it had been large, she did chemotherapy, which contain Folfox and Avastin for 7 several weeks,(Ask your Oncologist relating to this drug) following this she’d a dog scan done, and also the cancer vanished. Her Oncologist was shocked, She’d surgery to get rid of negligence the lung the cancer is at (Simply to be safe and sound) It doesnt stop here,Things will get worse. While she was dealing with the surgery, her 7 years old boy (My Nephew) got sick having a viral type illiness, it switched out he had Brain Cancer, while she what food was in St Judes Hospital with him, Her cancer returned, this time around it came during the Brain, and it was large, so large it shifted the mind, coupled with burst since it didn’t have what to do, it had been very aggressive coupled with grown so large. she’d nuclear physics to get rid of it, it was again successful on her, choices could remove all of the cancer in the brain,following this surgery my sister began radiation,Rays was destroying her good cells, but was somewhat effective, during this period, that was again a couple of month later cancer returns again towards the pelvic area. Me and my buddy had did lots of research on the web, and located a process known as Cyber Knife, we made the decision to provide mtss is a try, so it demonstrated to be really effective, and just targeted cancer itself, and didnt destroy all the good surrounding tissue and cells. The cyber knife would be a success in killing cancer, and introduced her discomfort in check. A couple of several weeks passed, my sister was looking to get back on her behalf ft, and when again cancer came back towards the brain again, This time around we made the decision to choose the Cyber Knife again adopted by Chemotherapy, that was again good at killing the tumor within the brain. My sister has already established scan after scan, and also the cancer continues to be turning up within the pelvic bone, however this time that it returned around the oposite side from the bone, not where it had been origionally, my sister is discomfort free, and it is doing chemotherapy with a brand new drug known as Zaltrap, it has shown to be good at killing cancer, but my sister continues to be through HELL, there’s many negative effects for this chemotherapy, and also the drug Zaltrap, but situations are benefiting from better. using the elegance of GOD, and all sorts of hopes that they has recieved. Hopefully soon she’ll beat everything. what i must have to say is keep fighting like she’s doing, dont quit, maintain a healthy diet,even if you dont want food there’s medications to help make you consume, avoid sugars, and even if you feel so tired all the Chemotherapy, escape and move about anyway, even when its for one couple of minutes, and continue on with your existence, place your belief in GOD, I understand that GOD is by using her, she’s experienced a great deal but she’s never threw in the towel,she’s had some very near misses, but with the support of loved ones, and remaining on the top of products, we wouldn’t be where we’re today! Get every scan you will get, and make certain its frequently. For those who have never attempted Cyber Knife, we recomend it, (Seek advice from your Oncologist about Cyber Knife) Obtain a second Opinion while in doubt about things, We did. Cyber Knife was a great benefit to her in destroying the tumors, and taking her discomfort away, and again "PLEASE DONT EVER QuitInch There’s always hope, I really hope this gives you some beliefs in how you can combat this ailment, and provide your ex one some respite in the cancer, and obtain them on the path to recovery!! we are praying for every and everybody individuals, and get that you simply do exactly the same in my sister Barbara too! Trust me we all know what your dealing with!! Make sure to get copies of all of the reports, Bloodstream work, Radiation reports,Doctors notes etc, and research it on the web, I understand this appear just like a lot, but you should know all you can learn about whats happening, we did so we have many userful stuff here, and the way to better take care of our sister, and merely dont pay attention to exactly what the doctors say! do not be afraid to inquire about questions, or request things, there are numerous things available that may help you by helping cover their this. God Bless everyone!