Cancer of the colon versus. rectal cancer: what’s the difference?


Cancer of the colon versus. rectal cancer: what's the difference? and rectal    

   cancer, frequently known

Andrew Schorr:

What&rsquos the main difference

between colon and rectal cancer and just how does treatment differ, particularly

surgical approaches? Discover from the

San antonio Cancer Care Alliance gastrointestinal surgeon which specializes in that

area once we explore surgical options as well as other treatment selections for both

cancers. It&rsquos all next on Patient


Andrew Schorr:

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Patient Power backed through the San antonio Cancer Care Alliance. I&rsquom Andrew Schorr. Well, whenever you discuss colon and rectal

cancer, frequently known as colorectal cancer, it frequently will get lumped together. I understand within my family, though, I’d a

grandfather who’d rectal cancer along with a mother who regrettably died of

advanced cancer of the colon. So might be they the

same? Exist variations? Especially whenever you consider surgery

which so frequently is necessary could it be always exactly the same, and do you know the

options? Well, we&rsquove asked a surgeon

in the San antonio Cancer Care Alliance which specializes in that to go to around

right now to allow us to comprehend the landscape and also the options and also the variations


Joining us today is

Dr. Karen Horvath. Dr. Horvath is really a

director of surgery. She&rsquos really

director from the surgical residency program in the College of Washington, but for the last 12 years she&rsquos really

were built with a special curiosity about surgical options for those who have colon and rectal

cancer. Dr. Horvath, many thanks

for joining us.

Dr. Horvath:

Thanks to you for

inviting me, Andrew.


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