Financial help organizations for cancer of the lung


Financial help organizations for cancer of the lung Drug Companies         
   Most drug companies

The next organizations provide help with money matters.

CancerCare Co-Payment Assistance Foundation

Ph: (866) 552-6729

This organization addresses the requirements of those who can’t afford their insurance co-payments for cancer medications. more >

Ph: (800) 843-2572

This organization provides free information and sources on cancer-related legalities to cancer survivors, caregivers, medical professionals, employers yet others dealing with cancer. more >

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Ph: (888) 477-2669

This organization helps qualifying patients without prescription medication coverage obtain the medicines they require free of charge or nearly free. This particular service provides a anchorman of use of greater than 475 private and public programs. more >

Needy Meds

This organization helps patients find assistance programs which help cover the expense of medicines along with other healthcare-related expenses. Searching by drug name to determine whether there’s a particular assistance program for the prescribed drug. more >

U . s . Way

This organization leads and
supports a network of nearly 1,800 community-based organizations. Local U . s . Way chapters can sort out fundamental bills, including rent, mortgage, utility payments and food. more >

Drug Companies

Most drug companies have programs to assist patients obtain the drugs they require when insurance, co-pays or any other money matters obstruct. Your nurse, social worker or patient navigator will help you contact the drug company.

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