Liver metastasis: signs and symptoms, causes, and diagnosis


Liver metastasis: signs and symptoms, causes, and diagnosis Unlike chemotherapy drugs

A number of options are presently employed for treating cancer which has metastasized towards the liver. Generally treatment is going to be palliative. Which means that it will likely be accustomed to control signs and symptoms from the cancer and prolong existence but will likely not lead to cure. Generally, the option of treatments is determined by:

  • the person’s age and all around health
  • the dimensions, location, and quantity of metastatic tumors
  • location and kind from the primary cancer
  • the kinds of cancer treatment the individual had previously
  • Systemic therapies

    Systemic cancer therapies treat the entire body with the blood stream. These therapies include:


    Chemotherapy is a kind of treatment that utilizes drugs to kill cancer cells. It targets cells that grow and multiply rapidly, including some healthy cells.

    Biological response modifier (BRM) therapy

    BRM treatments are cure that utilizes antibodies, growth factors, and vaccines to improve or restore the defense mechanisms. This can help your immune system’s capability to fight cancer. BRM therapy doesn’t have the typical negative effects of other cancer therapies and, generally, is well tolerated.

    Targeted therapy

    Targeted therapy also kills cancer cells, but it’s more precise. Unlike chemotherapy drugs, targeted treatments can differentiate between cancer and healthy cells. These drugs can kill cancer cells and then leave healthy cells intact. Targeted therapies have different negative effects than another cancer treatments. Negative effects, which may be severe, include fatigue and diarrhea.

    Hormonal therapy

    Hormonal therapy can slow or steer clear of the development of certain kinds of tumors that depend on hormones to develop, for example breast and cancer of the prostate.

    Localized therapies

    Localized therapies target only tumor cells and nearby tissue. They may be used once the liver tumors are small in dimensions and number.


    This therapy uses high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. It might originate from:

    • radiation machines, for example exterior beam radiation
    • radioactive materials placed in your body near cancer cells, referred to as internal radiation
    • radioactive substances that traverse the blood stream
    • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA)

      RFA is generally accustomed to treat primary liver cancer and may be used to treat liver metastasis. RFA is really a method that uses high-frequency electrical currents to produce heat that destroys the cells of cancer.

      Surgery can be done when you will find a small amount of tumors affecting merely a small part of the liver.


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