Metastatic cancer: in case your cancer has spread


Metastatic cancer: in case your cancer has spread Patients with liver metastases

About 40 from 100 individuals with cancer of the colon will build up cancer in distant sites sooner or later, known as metastases. Colorectal cancer most generally spreads towards the liver, lung or abdominal cavity. During the time of diagnosis, about 20 % of colorectal cancer patients curently have metastases, most frequently within the liver. Our colorectal cancer team sees a much greater quantity of patients with liver metastases at diagnosis, about 40 %, reflecting our expertise and capacity for the treatment of advanced cases.

Patients with liver metastases can nonetheless be cured. Effective liver surgery demands specialized skills, by surgeons with advanced training and concentrate in liver surgery, and experienced support teams in anesthesia and interventional radiology. Our surgical teams have this advanced expertise and training.Inch – Boris Kuvshinoff, MD, Master of business administration, FACS

Roswell Park offers many advanced treating metastatic colorectal cancer, including:

  • Laparoscopic or open liver surgery: Surgery to get rid of the liver lesions or tumors, departing enough healthy liver tissue to regenerate.
  • Portal vein embolization just before liver surgery: The primary vein connected using the liver tumor is blocked (embolized) which in turn causes the healthy area of the liver to develop, to match a much safer liver surgery to get rid of the tumors.
  • Radiofrequency (RFA) and microwave ablation: For metastases within the liver or lung. A little probe placed in to the tumor springs open as an umbrella, and emits radio waves or microwaves that heat the tissue, killing cancer cells. They are non-invasive techniques, frequently performed being an outpatient procedure.
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