Neutropenic diet


Neutropenic diet Cakes, pies, and


Foods to select

Foods to Avoid 

Instant and made decaffeinated or regular tea and coffee

Any others, for example cold made tea or sun tea               

Individual cans or bottles of bubbly beverages


Tap, canned and distilled  water

Ice created using plain tap water


Made herb teas


All canned, canned and powdered beverages and sports drinks



Starches (including breads, crackers, cereal, and taters)

Foods to select

Foods to Avoid 

All kinds of bread, rolls, British muffins, fruit muffins, bagels, sweet rolls, donuts

Breads and rolls with raw nuts


Cereals that contains raw nuts

French toast, pancakes

Raw oatmeal

Poker chips, corn chips, tortilla chips, pretzels, popcorn, crackers, melba toast

Uncooked pasta, pasta salad, or potato salad with raw vegetables or eggs

All kinds of cooked and prepared-to-eat cereals


Cooked grains, grain, and pasta, for example noodles, macaroni, and spaghetti


Cooked white-colored or sweet taters and yams, Fried potatoes, tater tots, hash browns, etc.



Milk products

Foods to select

Foods to Avoid 

Pasteurized milk fat-free milk, 2% milk, dairy, buttermilk, or chocolate milk

Unpasteurized milk or yogurt                                      

Sour cream

Milkshakes created using non-commercial frozen treats or produced in a blender

Milkshakes using individual cartons of frozen treats and milk, or homemade milkshakes

Yogurt or soft frozen treats from the machine

Commercial eggnog

Eggnog created using raw eggs

Commercial supplements for example instant breakfast drinks

liquid  and powdered drinks

Yogurt and yogurt products created using live and active cultures

Commercial frozen milkshakes


Refrigerated and frozen pasteurized whipped topping




Foods to select

Foods to prevent

Commercially packaged cheese (for instance, American, Swiss, Parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar)

Unpasteurized and raw milk cheese                      

Pasteurized cottage type cheese, ricotta cheese

Cheeses with molds (for instance, blue, Gorgonzola, Roquefort, and Stilton cheeses)

Processed cheese (for instance, Velveeta)

Soft cheeses (for instance, Brie, Camembert, feta, player cheese)


Cheeses that contains uncooked vegetables


Mexican-style cheeses, for example queso fresco and queso blanco


Desserts (along with other sweets)

Foods to select

Foods to prevent

Cakes, pies, and cookies

Cakes with raw nuts

Raw, united nations -baked cookie dough

Baked custard, pudding, and gelatin

Soft frozen treats or yogurt from the machine

Commercial frozen treats, sherbet, fruit ice, and Popsicles

Non-commercial or homemade frozen treats or sherbet

Refrigerated cream-filled pastries and desserts

Cream filled pastries that aren’t refrigerated

Chocolate, including chocolate

Chocolate with raw nuts

Pasteurized honey and syrup






Foods to select

Foods to prevent

Butter or margarine

Avocado dressing

Cream cheese, sour cream, bandages, or mayonnaise

Fresh salad dressing that contains aged cheese, raw


eggs, or fresh herbs                                                                   

Neutropenic diet coffee              
       Any others, for example

Oil- all sorts


Shortening utilized in cooking


Non-dairy creamers



Fruits and fruit drinks

(These food types might be restricted during severe neutropenia and through your stay in hospital.)

Foods to select

Foods to prevent

Canned fruits and juices

All fruits except individuals indexed by the “Foods to Choose” column

Pasteurized frozen juices

Filthy raw fruit

Pasteurized cider and any fruit juice

Unpasteurized fruit drinks

Thick-skinned fruits for example raw bananas, grapefruit, and oranges which are washed in cold water, and peeled with a nurse or member of the family


Frozen fruits


Dried fruits



Meat (includes fish, chicken, peas, eggs, meat substitutes, and soups)

Foods to select

Foods to prevent


Well-cooked meats, beef, lamb, pork and pork products, chicken, game, fish, shellfish, hotdogs, sausage, bacon

Rare or medium rare cooked meat, fish, or chicken

Canned tuna or chicken (without any raw vegetables)

Stir-foods that are fried

Cooked baked beans and all sorts of other cooked legumes, peas, casseroles, stews, and entrées

Cold cuts from delicatessens

Frozen entrees

Cold meat or chicken

Pasteurized or cooked tofu

Junk food

Eggs, well-done

Raw eggs

Pasteurized egg substitutes (for instance, Egg Beaters) and powdered eggs

Eggs not well-cooked, for example sunny-side-up (runny yolk)

Canned and homemade soup (heated well)

Old soups and gazpacho, all miso products for example paste and soup







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