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First Aired: June 21, 2014

Cancer is all about greater than the condition. Lots of people also face significant financial burdens – not just the hefty costs of treatment, but additionally to consider proper care of day-to-day expenses like rent, the ability bill, groceries and gas needed to get at and from doctor’s appointments. And, some will need to take a leave of absence using their jobs or quit. That lack of earnings could be devastating. There is a reputation for this problem, based on Duke oncologist Dr. Yousuf Zafar and colleagues – it’s known as financial toxicity. They surveyed greater than 250 people and located they frequently need to do financial juggling simply to pay the bills. Actually, up to 50 % described their financial burden as “significant” or “catastrophic.” Patients have reduced the things they invest in fundamental needs like food and clothing, and most half need to use their savings accounts simply to pay their bills. The anxiety and stress impairs the opportunity to concentrate on recovery. Thankfully, there are lots of sources to assist with financial challenges, and have most of them on the program.

– PBS’s Take A Measure Health Campaign includes a valuable section on finding financial help

– Cancer Support Community: Dealing with the price of Care

– CancerCare also printed a magazine that’s available too online: A Helping Hands: The Financial Edition

Assistance in New York

– Magnolia Meals at Home™ – Cornucopia partners with Meals on Wheels of Wake County and Eisai Women’s Oncology Program to supply nutritious meals to patients with cancer of the breast as well as their families who reside in the Triangular area.

– Cornucopia offers gas cards to help individuals requiring help dealing with doctor’s appointments and to get groceries.

– Cancer Services Corporation. in Winston-Salem, NC provides some prescription assistance and limited emergency financial help to individuals in Davie, Forsyth, Stokes and Yadkin counties who meet eligibility needs

– Helene Foundation provides help New York families in need of assistance with moms in active cancer treatment, including meal delivery, housecleaning, day care and tutoring.

– Stomp the Monster NC helps fill the financial gaps for North Carolinians in treatment for all kinds of cancer.

– Cancer Of The Lung Initiative of North Carolina’s Use of Care gas card program

Non-geographic specific sources

– CancerCare Financial Help Program

– CancerCare Co-payment Assistance Foundation

– Cleaning for any Reason partners with maid services through the U.S. and Canada to provide professional house cleanings to assist women receiving care for any kind of cancer.

– Chronic Disease Fund Corporation. provides financial help to under-insured patients with cancer of the breast, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, melanoma, multiple myeloma, non-small lunch cancer and pancreatic cancer.

– Patient Access Network Foundation provides co-pay assistance for several kinds of cancer – anaplastic large cell lymphoma, advanced basal cell carcinoma, cancer of the breast, bone metastases, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, colorectal cancer, cutaneous T-Cell lymphoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, small-cell cancer of the lung, multiple myeloma, Hodgkin lymphoma, pancreatic cancer, cancer of the prostate, kidney cell carcinoma, and well-differentiated thyroid cancer, in addition to chemotherapy-caused neutropenia.

Cancer Of The Breast Sources

– Kristy Lasch Miracle Foundation helps women under 30 with cancer of the breast with medical-related expenses

– The Cancer Of The Breast Non profit organizations of the usa provides a “Help Now Fund” for ladies with cancer of the breast as well as their families. The fund aids in emergency financial services for example past-due bills, rent eviction notices and transportation to treatment.

Also visit Cornucopia’s Online Sources link for other valuable information

Cancer Of The Colon Sources

– Cancer Of The Colon Alliance provides grants as much as $300 for individuals coping with cancer of the colon

– Chris4Life Cancer Of The Colon Foundation provides $250 grants to qualified colorectal cancer patients to assist with fundamental bills like day care, transportation, cleaning services and wigs. And, learn more out of this organization on the Feb 9 program, Dealing with Colorectal Cancer

– Meredith’s Miracles Cancer Of The Colon Foundation provides financial support for youthful adults younger than 40 who’re in strategy to cancer of the colon.

Resourse: http://cancersupport4u.org/that-cancer-show/easing-cancers-burdens/

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