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Target: Julia Fikse, Founding father of Save the Ta-tas Foundation 

Goal: Finish utilization of insulting and sexist content in Cancer of the breast awareness campaigns

The colour pink is now symbolic of cancer of the breast awareness in American culture, around it’s symbolic of little girls’ toys and princess dresses. But there’s a far more insidious side for this corporate branding of cancer of the breast awareness, and that’s the blatant and flagrant utilization of women’s physiques as goods. This objectification skews support of cancer of the breast research as though all i was preserving were objects from the male heterosexual gaze, and never the lives and welfare from the women struggling with the condition.

Following the Komen Foundation withdrew support from Planned Being a parent, the only real nearby hospital for ladies in certain areas of America, it lost lots of credibility with supporters of cancer of the breast awareness. Regrettably, the business was just ongoing a pattern of supporting cancer of the breast awareness for profit in the deficit of ladies really long lasting the condition.

This catalyst with this trend may be the Save the Ta-tas Foundation (a company which only 5 % from the profits really visit cancer research), which utilizes sexualized pictures of women to be able to sell T-shirts promoting the getting and ogling of breasts. With phrases like “Caught you searching inside my ta-tas!” or “I [heart] my big tatas” emblazoned on their own t-shirts, what Save the Ta-tas neglects to know isn’t that only do a lot of women with cancer of the breast really lose their breasts within the terrible process, however the average sufferer of cancer of the breast middle-aged. An offer that employs pictures of youthful, healthy women with supple, and moreover, present breasts isn’t exactly responsive to the requirements of the demographic it’s said to be supporting. In addition, using sexualized humor to create light from the rather harrowing experience with really losing one’s breast to some deadly disease is actually just twisting the knife.

Please sign this petition to induce Save the Ta-tas to alter its business design and prevent using derogatory pictures of ladies and insulting phrases to advertise the purchase of their t-shirts. The upkeep of the woman’s individual parts of the body doesn’t supersede the upkeep of her existence and health.


Dear Julia Fikse,

A lot of women who endure the terrible disease of cancer of the breast have to have mastectomies to save their lives. Your irreverent business, Save the Ta-tas, is definitely an insult to those women. You’ve used the sexualization and commodification of women’s physiques to create a profit, and relegated saving the lives and health of ladies struggling with cancer of the breast to saving objects from the heterosexual male gaze.

Women’s breasts aren’t simply vessels for that pleasure of males in order to feed and take care of children, as well as their struggles aren’t for use on your entertainment. Your slogans and business design diminish womanhood towards the parts of the body most fascinating to men. Women’s legal rights to happiness and health are now being stripped away every single day, as well as your goods are a indication of just why that’s.

Please improve your business design, and reconsider your products line. Before you do, you’re contributing to a culture of misogyny and also over-sexualization in a woman’s weakest and many vulnerable moment.


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