Saving the ladies, and not the breasts


Saving the ladies, and not the breasts month would be to raise

October is cancer of the breast awareness month, and, unless of course you’ve been living in the cage, you’ve seen a lot of pink and shirts that say “save the ta-tas” or “save the boobies” while you walk around campus. Everybody, from retail towards the National football league to a lot of clubs at Penn Condition appears to become attempting to raise awareness.

Allow me to preface this web site by stating that I believe that getting a whole month focused on cancer of the breast awareness is an excellent idea.  I believe that it’s amazing marketing and shirts that say “save the ta-tas” are an easy way to obtain the 20-something, boob-obsessed teens in our generation involved.  That being stated, however, I believe individuals have began to your investment real cause of the pink and all sorts of “SAVE THE BOOBIES” slogans.  Don’t forget your investment women, women AND men, boys impacted by this ailment.

Articles designed in The Journey place it rather candidly: “This is among the most typical present day illnesses, right alongside cancer of the lung and cardiovascular disease, and all sorts of are going to is make an issue about breasts. Now, really consider the slogan “save the boobies.” You aren’t just saving a set of breasts, you’re saving a lady, a mom, a wife, a buddy, a sister, a daughter, a father or perhaps a boy, but many importantly you’re saving a person.Inches

I possibly could not agree more. I’ve read articles of individuals using cancer of the breast awareness month as just a need to sell something pink and make money.  The explanation for the whole month would be to raise awareness for that men and women dealing with this terrible disease in addition to raise money for research which will hopefully eventually look for a cure!

Within my research about cancer of the breast awareness month, I happened across your blog compiled by Lara Hoffman.  A cancer of the breast survivor herself, I discovered it odd when she started her blog about why she hated the month of October.  Her entire blog was worth studying (I’ve attached it below) and also, since a lot of you will not bother to click the link, I’ve attached certainly one of her most powerful arguments below.

“One of the numerous reasons I dislike Cancer Of The Breast Awareness month is always that all of the pink ribbon T-shirts is going to be appearing out of the closet. I’ll keep encountering again and again women and men putting on shirts telling us in order to save the ta-tas, save the boobies, save the hooters or save second base. I dislike individuals sayings having a passion of the 1000 fiery suns.”

Saving the ladies, and not the breasts hopefully eventually

“When you are looking at cancer of the breast, screw saving the ta-tas, boobies or second base. The main concern ought to be taking out the cancer in the woman’s body, and oftentimes which means a double or single mastectomy. You realize — not saving the chest.Inches

Lara is totally right.  Even though it doesn’t seem possible to eliminate all of the “boob shirts,” as October concludes, don’t forget that cancer of the breast awareness month is much more than saving the breasts.  It’s about stopping a dreadful disease and helping save the ladies, men, and kids who develop it.


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